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This Whole Classroom of Kids' Names Is Going Viral Because They're So Ridiculous


I don't know about you, but I grew up with a lot of Mikes. A ton of Jackies. Several Erics and so many Danielles. A few people in my grade growing up had unique names, but other than that, most had recognizable, popular monikers that everyone had seen before. 

And while there is nothing wrong with giving your kid a unique name, some would say that it has gotten a little out of hand these days. Parents in 2019 crave any way to make their kid stand out, and one way they are doing that is my giving them names that really just seem like they're going to cause trouble down the road. Whether they are strange new spellings of old names or complete nonsense words, these names are getting a little wild, as evidenced by this classroom picture that went totally viral.