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Source: YouTube

15 Lies All Parents Tell Their Kids


There is no rite of passage more universal than the point at which all humans realize their parents are full of crap. As kids, we take everything our parents tell us at face value. It isn't until adolescence and sometimes well into adulthood that we realize parents lie to their kids as easily as they breathe. And then when we have kids of our own, we realize why they lie: because kids, though they are a joy and treasure, are very often the literal worst. 

Here are 15 lies virtually all parents tell at some point in their lives, either to avoid difficult conversations or simply to enjoy a moment's peace. 

Source: Twitter

Time seems to move at a glacial pace when you're a kid, but we all know parents deliberately miscalculate how much longer kids have to endure a boring thing. Since time immemorial, parents have lied right in their kids' faces about when they'll end their boring grown-up visit, and the standard reported time has always been 5 minutes, followed by an actual elapsed time of one or several more hours of chatting.