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Source: Twitter

Hilarious Wedding Fails That Will Make You Giggle With Schadenfreude


Planning a wedding is an exercise in control. You do a crazy amount of work to make it exactly what you want, down to the forks and knives, and then when the day actually comes, you have to let it all go. You can't control the actions of other people, unfortunately, and things don't always go as planned. In fact, sometimes they go the opposite of the way you want them to.

Jimmy Fallon recently asked Twitter to share their most epic #WeddingFails, and folks, people had stories. These are some of the best ones.

Source: Twitter

Oh my gosh. This is adorable. I like to think that at that age, I will find humor in accidentally wearing the same dress as someone else, unlike when I went to prom and there were literal Facebook groups where girls fought over who got to wear what dress and people cried if they showed up on the night of in the same frock as someone else. This is probably the tamest of the wedding fails we will encounter on this list.