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17 Memes for Parents Who Are Already Sick of Summer Break


School's out for the summer in most of the country, which means parents who have been free from their children all year long between the hours of 8 and 3 are having a rude awakening. Kids without school are like roller coasters without tracks. They're like tiny, annoying little mosquitos with no place to land. 

When kids aren't in school anymore, their parents are tasked with entertaining them. And that is no picnic. Seriously, kids won't still still for picnics. I've tried. At least there are these memes and jokes, which prove you are not alone in your summertime dread.

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There's honestly no planning you can do, no preparations you can make, nothing that will get you ready for a summer home with your kids. If you have the luxury of taking time off of work or even spending a day here or there with your young ones, all I have to say about that is, "I'm sorry." Even if you were to hibernate for the month leading up to summer, that wouldn't give you enough energy to be able to deal with kids on summer break.