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Source: Sony

High School Teacher Keeps a Google Doc of Kids' Slang to Stay "Wit It"


When I was an adolescent, I thought for sure I would always stay on top of the latest trends — the hottest music, the latest fashion fads, and of course the coolest slang. But life comes at you fast, and before you know it you pass a group of kids chatting and have literally no clue what they're saying. "Who is James Charles and why is he beating his face?" you ask, feeling like you're about ready for a hip replacement and a subscription to Reader's Digest.

Dis me.

But thankfully there are true heroes in this world like high school teacher James Callahan, whom someone should probably tell about Urban Dictionary? But he found what works for him, I guess, and keeps a glossary of slang terms he hears his students in Lowell, Massachusetts say. It's equal parts hilarious and informative. Check out some highlights.