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Source: facebook

Mom Outraged at School That Told 5-Year-Old Girl to "Cover Her Body" for Modesty


A Minnesota mother couldn't believe that her 5-year-old daughter was forced to change a cute dress she put on simply because it had "bare shoulders."

I grew up in a religious community that was very keen on the belief that what a person wears could "distract" others around them and cause some unwanted attention.

To an extent, I do believe that's true. If I'm trying to keep a low-profile, I probably shouldn't be wearing the Borat mankini while hanging out at the beach.

Nor should I be bringing stacks of books with me to a bar with a table lamp and pretend like I don't want to draw attention to myself because I'm acting like a total weirdo.

In religion, however, there's this idea that a woman should cover herself up so as not to tempt those around them. And while some people might believe that works in theory, or think it's a good idea, sadly statistics prove that in countries where women are rocking hijabs or niqabs or burkas have some of the highest rates of sexual assault in the world.

But let's say for the sake of argument that yes, "covering up" prevents sexual assaults from occurring and that we're shifting the blame off of attackers from committing sexual assault in the first place, at what age should a woman start covering herself up? 18? 16? 14?

What about 5-years-old?

That's Emily Stewart wants to know when it came to her daughter Harmony.