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Source: Reddit

This Choosy Beggar Got Free Toys, Then Complained They Weren't Brand New


If you're every feeling really good about the world, super calm and happy and hopeful about humanity, an easy way to completely squash that feeling is to take a look at the Choosing Beggars subreddit. It is where the worst of humanity ends up, and it makes me so mad every single time! 

The subreddit is full of people who ask for free things they should definitely pay for, or services above and beyond what they deserve, then get mad and whiny when another person (almost always a stranger they've never met) won't drop everything to wait on them hand and foot. And this infuriating story is no exception. 

It started off like they all do.

Source: Reddit

With a seemingly pleasant interaction and a promise that this transaction would go smoothly. The person would drive over, take the Mega Bloks table, shake hands, and drive off. That's how the choosy beggars get you. They lure you in with logic and good manners, and then they turn on you in an instant.