This TikToker Came up With a Genuis Way to Stop Creepy Old Men From Bothering Her

A TikTok creator went viral for her method of helping women protect themselves from creepy old men. Here's what "Baby Runs for President" really means.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 11 2022, Published 3:25 p.m. ET

When I first saw “Baby Runs for President” trending on TikTok, I was so intrigued. Who is this baby? How did said baby bypass the 35-year-old age minimum to run for presidential office? And more importantly, what causes does this baby support? Paid parental leave, I hope!

Unfortunately, I soon learned that weren't any actual babies running for president. While I was absolutely devastated by that part, I was pretty content with what I did find in terms of “Baby Runs for President."

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As it turns out, "Baby Runs for President” is a rather silly but effective self-defense strategy that all women should know about stat.

Keep scrolling to learn what the “Baby Runs for President” method actually means on TikTok, and how it can help women relieve themselves of uncomfortable social situations.

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TikTok creator @singersewer introduced her "Baby Runs for President" method.

In November 2021, TikTok user @devriebrynn called on users to share their best methods to make creepy old men cry. While yes, that does sound like a rather harsh ask, it speaks to the individuals who may have felt helpless in social situations where older men (or just men in general) can't take a hint that they're invading others personal boundaries.

Fortunately for us, fellow TikTok creator @singersewer had just the solution. She calls it "Baby Runs for President."

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"What you do is you use your best customer service voice to ask questions of the creep that only a toddler would feel comfortable asking," she explains.

Then she details an instance when she and her friends were at a bar and a much older man randomly came over to their table. While the ladies made it quite obvious that they were not interested in talking to him, he continued to bother them.

That's when @singersewer decided to put her "Baby Runs for President" method into use.

"For no reason, I whipped around and went, 'Hey! How old are you?' to the man." She explains that this question caught him totally off guard.

Why, exactly? Well, because it's the type of question that is often seen as rude in most scenarios. Plus, it's probably the last thing that this man ever thought she'd ask him. However, a young child would likely feel comfortable posing this question as he or she has not yet become aware of social norms.

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She continued to stay in character after that question, babbling on like an infant, adding, "I'm only asking because you seem a little bit older than my dad and I just got out of college. I was wondering, do you have any grandkids?"

Luckily, her act worked perfectly and he left the women alone.

Woman disturbed at bar
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"Baby Runs for President" teaches natural consequences.

In another video, @singersewer addresses some of the criticism her strategy has received, which includes her being called "emotionally immature." As she explains, it was never her intention to make others feel embarrassed for the sake of her own benefit.

But sometimes, certain individuals need to be taught that their wrong behaviors do, in fact, have consequences.

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She explains how "Baby Runs for President" is an effective way to teach individuals the natural consequences of their actions.

She compares it to telling a kid to bring their coat outside, the kid not listening, and then the kid ending up cold. While it's not the most ideal way to teach young kids about wearing a coat outside, many parents will let kids learn their lesson this way, because chances are, the next time this kid goes outside, he or she will remember to bring a coat.

Here's how to use the "Baby Runs for President" method.

Bottom line: @singersewer came up with "Baby Runs for President" as a way for women to disarm and stand up to older men who may be creeping on them. In the video below, she shares some "Baby Runs for President" conversation starters that users can blurt out in their next uncomfortable social situation.

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She also has a whole playlist dedicated to "Baby Runs for President" content. Remember: Drastic times sometimes call for drastic measures. And sometimes that means putting yourself in the mind of a 2-year-old.

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