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Source: Paramount Pictures / Reddit

Mom-to-Be Left Her Unwanted Surprise Baby Shower Planned by Abusive Husband and In-Laws


A new "Am I the A-hole?" post demonstrates just how scary a husband and his family can become when a woman is pregnant. Although the original post was deleted, it was screenshotted and shared on Twitter. We have no way of knowing how this man and his family acted toward his wife before she was pregnant, but once she was carrying their baby, they became, well, total monsters.

It's likely that when you get pregnant, people will start to treat you differently even though they shouldn't. But in no world should your husband and in-laws (or anyone else!) view you as merely a vessel for "their baby" and claim that you have no autonomy. And in no world should they steal your phone to try to prevent you from leaving a surprise baby shower you never wanted in the first place.