'Teen Mom' Star Bar's Graduation Party Ends With a Bang and an Arrest

'Teen Mom 2' isn't exactly considered "high brow" entertainment, a perception that was reinforced when it was reported that Bar from the show was arrested.

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Aug. 4 2021, Published 3:07 p.m. ET

Bar From 'Teen Mom' Was Arrested: Here's Why
Source: Merced County PD

Reality TV can have a ton of trademark qualities that are difficult to replicate in other mediums. Seeing real people deal with real-life situations allows some viewers to resonate with the subject matter in a more personally fulfilling way.

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But then there's another aspect of reality TV that has become the touchstone for specific types of programming and that's the gutter trash aspect of it. There's a huge exploitation of human shallows that attracts people's attention: whether it's fighting at a dinner table, pooping on a stairwell, or getting arrested at a graduation party, like Bar from Teen Mom 2, audiences just lap up these ratchet as-all-hell moments.

Bar, Teen Mom
Source: MTV
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Why was Bar from 'Teen Mom' arrested?

Unlike the aforementioned moments and the time Snooki got punched in the face by some random bargoer on Jersey Shore, this particular instance from Teen Mom 2 occurred when the cameras weren't rolling.

Here's what happened: Ashley had graduated with her associate's degree and Holly's mother wanted to throw a celebration in honor of her "monumental achievement."

MTV reports, "The MTV crew left the party at 9 p.m. Later that night, police received a call that gunshots were fired. No injuries were reported. Bar was arrested for willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner."

Yes, someone decided to whip out a gun and blast it in honor of the graduation party. Or maybe someone took issue with seeing what Party City was charging for paper plates and cups with grad caps and gowns on them.

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Bar was the one who allegedly began firing, which is a bad look, especially considering that he was already dealing with a DUI case, something he spoke with Ashley about before his arrest.

"I've been speaking to my lawyer. I have to serve 15 days in county," he said prior to the party.

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"Goddamn, they dragged this out. They could have told you this a year ago. I'm so disappointed because you've been doing so good; it's like you never know when your karma is going to come and just f--k you up," Ashley replied.

What happened to Bar on 'Teen Mom 2' after his arrest?

Ashley's baby daddy opened up about his alcohol addiction issues during the Teen Mom 2 reunion show while explaining why he wore an ankle monitor for an entire season of the program.

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"It was to make sure that I didn’t consume alcohol while I was battling the case that I was," Bar said. He also stated that he initially attempted to fight the need for wearing an ankle monitor, but it was ultimately his word against the cops.

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"So it was pretty much the entire time that I was fighting the case that I had to keep it on because they wanted to make sure that I didn’t access any alcohol, which I was pissed off about in the very beginning but it worked out for the best because at the end of the day I do have an addiction, so it worked out to help me get as far away from it as I could," Bar said, per The Sun.

The outlet also confirmed that Bar was arrested with his bail bond set for $25,000. He was released the next day.

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