"I'm Like the Ugly Naked Guy From 'Friends'" — School Can See Inside Woman's Bathroom Window

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 10:48 p.m. ET

Even as an adult, getting a letter from a school principal can be scary. Especially when you have no affiliation with the school other than you live near it.

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When one woman received a letter from the preschool across the street from her, she figured it probably was a notice about construction or something community-wide. But after giving the letter a gander, she quickly realized that it was specifically for her and was about something completely humiliating.

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A woman got a letter from a school principal informing her that the school can see in her bathroom window.

A woman named Meg (@megmegmegitsmeg) took to TikTok to share the completely awkward and mortifying letter she received from the principal of the school that she lived across the street from.

You see, Meg had no idea who the principal of the school was and didn't appear to know any of the students or faculty. But, well, they all seemed to know her — perhaps a little too much of her.

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Meg asked viewers to put themselves in her shoes as she read the letter aloud.

The letter goes: "I am sorry to have to write to you on such a sensitive subject but felt it was appropriate to make you aware that your bathroom window can be easily viewed from our nursery playground. In the circumstances, we wondered if you would consider purchasing a blind for the window to avoid embarrassment on behalf of either yourself or our children.”

“I had no idea they were able to see in," she said to the camera as she finished reading. "I don’t know what they’ve seen. I don’t know how often they’ve seen it."

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Understandably, Meg had so many questions. "How much did they have to see before they sent me this?” she posed. Meg explained that she was now embarrassed to leave her house because she was afraid that someone from the school would recognize her. "They know it’s me. They wrote my house number down and put it through my letterbox when I was asleep," she said.

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Meg also added, “I’m like the ugly naked guy from Friends,” before asking, "Do you think they have a name for me?"

As Meg ended her video, she said, "I'm sorry to the school next door."

In the comment section, users couldn't help but poke fun at Meg's awful, but also somewhat funny situation.

"They were probably wondering why only dads are picking their kids up," joked one user.

"Casually send them an invoice for all they've seen," chaffed another.

Several users claimed they would move if they found themselves in that type of predicament.

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Meanwhile, others seemed to have questions about why Meg wouldn't have a blind on her bathroom window. In a follow-up video, she explained that the window was actually made from frosted glass, which is why she initially neglected to put up blinds.

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From her bathroom, Meg explained that she couldn't see much outside other than "smudged colors." While she said she could identify that there were trees outside her window, and a building (the school), she couldn't make out exact details and definitely couldn't see any people.

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To further ease her anxious mind, Meg had a friend look at the window from outside and the friend reported back that nothing was too vivid. However, it was worth noting that the toilet was right next to the window and it's possible that folks with an eagle-eyed view could be able to make out a person sitting down on the bowl.

"I don't think it's as bad as I thought it was," Meg said overall. However, she respectfully obliged and put up the blinds.

Now, Meg said her biggest concern wasn't the window, but that the school would see her TikTok and have even more of a bone to pick with her.

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