Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Soulmates? Astrologer Weighs in on How Their Stars Align (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jun. 4 2021, Published 11:00 a.m. ET

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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When singer, dancer, and movie star Jennifer Lopez and retired MLB player Alex Rodriguez announced that their engagement had come to an end in April of 2021, millennials on the internet began dreaming about the "Jenny from the Block" singer getting back together with her ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck.

The screen star and the singer first met in 2001 while on the set of the critically panned film Gigli, and they were an official item by the following year.

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The two, who were known as "Bennifer," were often splashed on the covers of tabloids — especially once Ben popped the question with an iconic pink diamond engagement ring.

Months after postponing their wedding, Ben and Jen pumped the brakes on their relationship in early 2004. They each went on to marry and have children with other people, and to have other public romances.

Like a piece of fanfiction come to life, J. Lo and Ben were spotted at a Montana resort together in May of 2021.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the 'Daredevil' premiere in 2003.

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The former flames have since been photographed together engaging in some PDA (Ben has also been seen wearing a watch that the Selena star gave him in 2002).

If you've always thought that Bennifer was meant to be, then you're not alone. Astrologer Michelle Fedrizzi, who is the CEO and founder of Auric, spoke exclusively with Distractify about how the Argo actor and J. Lo are incredibly compatible on a zodiac level. She also dished on what it will take for them to work out this time around.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are "twin flames" based on their Zodiac compatibility.

In addition to being two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Ben and Jennifer are also nearly a perfect match when it comes to their astrology. While speaking exclusively with Distractify, Michelle noted that the A-listers are both Leos, and that they also share a Scorpio moon. This makes them a "triple threat."

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"Ben and Jen both have their Sun in Leo and their Moon in Scorpio. They both have their Mercury in Leo. Those three lining up means that they are twin flames," Michelle stated. "The only thing that they struggle with is their communication, because they both have their Mercury in Leo."

The astrologer said that the two are "most definitely soulmates."

Source: Jennifer Fedrizzi

LA Astrologer and Auric founder Michelle Fedrizzi.

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"Ben is the one who definitely got away. This is the one who mirrors her on a soul level," Michelle explained. "Ben mirrors Jen in the most beautiful way, but that also triggers her because she has to do that work — maybe she doesn't want to, maybe there are parts of her that she's avoiding."

The Gone Girl actor is different from Jennifer's other exes because he has a calming energy.

"He helps to tone her down. She could probably be a diva with her sun in Leo and her Mercury in Leo," Michelle added. "Ben humbles her and brings her back into this earthly realm."

While the Hollywood darlings have the potential to be together for life, Michelle shared that they will soon face some of the same hurdles they dealt with the first time they were an item.

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Bennifer's reconnection is "history repeating itself," but a "test" is on the horizon.

Though the timing of Ben and Jennifer's reconciliation may have a lot to do with the fact that they are both single at the same time (Ben split from Ana de Armas in January), Michelle said that it's really "history repeating itself."

There was an opening in the eclipses, which brought them together.

Source: Jennifer Fedrizzi

Michelle Fedrizzi of Auric.

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"When they got together, we had the North node in Gemini, and the South node in Sagittarius," the LA-based astrologer shared. "Right now, we have the North node in Gemini and the south node in Sagittarius. They are repeating what happened in 2002 and in 2003."

Their rumored relationship may currently be mirroring the happier days of their first romance, but things could change for the duo in 2022.

"The test for them is happening next year, when we have the nodes changing into Taurus and Scorpio. Last time, that's when they called off their engagement," Michelle added.

In order for Ben and Jennifer to forge a strong relationship this time around, Michelle said they need to "do the work" and learn from their past mistakes.

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"This is the time for them to clear the past and start fresh. They're getting a brand new zero point," The Auric CEO explained. "Eclipses open up portals and energy so you can either repeat the same pattern or completely change it. The universe is opening the door for you to either fix it, or not do the work and close the door."

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the premiere of 'Gigli' in 2003.

"When we have the north node in Taurus and the eclipses in 2022, they need to either repeat the pattern or break off the relationship that they’re building," she continued. "Next year is really the test for them. This year is the window to do the work."

Will the Bennifer reunion last? It may be written in the stars, but only time will tell.

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