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The Newest Viral TikTok Challenge Is Sending Teens to the Hospital



If you happen to miss even one day of scrolling TikTok, then you may miss yet another viral challenge where people prank their significant others, try making some sort of meal, or happen to get themselves into some sort of dangerous situation. 

In yet another dangerous TikTok challenge, people are now taking massive amounts of over-the-counter medication to see if they can get high. The Benadryl Challenge is now deemed by experts to be extremely dangerous to one’s health.

The Benadryl Challenge on TikTok involves trying to get high off the antihistamine.

Teenagers are taking large amounts of Benadryl to "trip” on the medication in hopes of getting high and having hallucinations. The idea behind the TikTok Benadryl Challenge is to demonstrate that, after taking 12 or more of these pills, the person taking them will be able to experience a high that includes hallucinations. The results have been devastating.

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The Benadryl Challenge has sent teens to the hospital.

Reports indicated that the Cook Children’s Health Care doctors revealed that three teenagers "were hospitalized in the Fort Worth, Texas hospital after overdosing on diphenhydramine (aka Benadryl)." 

Once the teens received treatment for their symptoms and medical episodes, they were asked why they took so much of the over-the-counter medication. According to the report, "All three told medical staff that they got the idea after watching videos on TikTok that said they could get high and hallucinate if they took a dozen or more Benadryl tablets."

The hospital told the story of one patient, a 14-year-old named Rebekah, who overdosed on the drug after taking 14 Benadryl tablets in the middle of the night on Memorial Day. “It was scary. She had fractured sentences, hallucinations. Her resting heart rate was 199," Katie, Rebekah's mother, told Checkup. “We rushed her to the local ER and they decided to transport her to Cook Children’s.”

Rebekah was hospitalized after some troubling electrocardiogram test results, but luckily, her heart rate returned to normal overnight. She’s not expected to suffer any long-term health issues from her overdose.

Taking massive amounts of Benadryl can have major side effects.

While the point of the challenge is, in fact, to take so much of the medication that your start to feel high and hallucinate, doctors do not believe this to be healthy in any way, shape, or form. Health reported, "Benadryl is an anticholinergic drug."

It can cause seizures, coma, even death. This medication "blocks the cholinergic nervous system, which is responsible for saliva production and tear production, and facilitates bodily functions such as urination, heart rate, body temperature, brain function, and eye functioning.”

Many TikTokers are trying to warn of the dangers of overdosing on Benadryl.

While the challenge originally went viral to encourage people to try to get high off of Benadryl, there is now a massive amount of videos on TikTok using the hashtag #benadryl trying to discourage people from using the drug to get high. 

One TikTok user wrote, “dph trips are ALWAYS bad trips, please do not try this and if u have, please don’t glorify it :/” A Twitter user spoke to the fact that he uses the drug for its actual purpose and worries that this kind of challenge will cause it to be harder to purchase. 

He wrote, “If these damn tiktok teenagers doing the Benadryl challenge get it taken from being OTC.. my allergies and insomnia are gonna be pissed.”

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