Don't Try These at Home — These Are TikTok's 7 Most Dangerous Challenges to Date

These are the most dangerous TikTok challenges being taken off the app. From the Skullbreaker to the Cha Cha Slide, these challenges can be deadly.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Feb. 26 2020, Updated 6:05 p.m. ET

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In the wake of TikTok's reign as one of the most influential social media apps, users are doing all they can to try to grow their platforms. With millions of videos on TikTok, many are participating in risky challenges in order to get more views. 

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But, some of these challenges have bordered on extremely dangerous, and some TikTok stars have ended up in the hospital.

Read on for the seven most dangerous TikTok challenges that can cause serious harm. Please do not try these challenges.

1. Skullbreaker Challenge

This challenge has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. It involves three people standing next to one another in a line. When the person in the middle jumps in the air, the people on either side kick out the legs of the middle person. The dangerous challenge has led to many skull injuries, including fractures and concussions.  

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Several people have been hospitalized as a result while a few people have actually died from doing the challenge. Sadly, the middle person in these videos often wasn't aware of what was about to happen, and many people have spoken out about the bullying that is linked to these videos.

TikTok has taken all Skullbreaker challenge videos off the app in an attempt to discourage people from trying it. The videos are certainly not for the faint of heart (or stomach).

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2. Throw It in the Air/Concussion Challenge

For the Throw It in the Air/Concussion Challenge, a group of people stand in a circle with their heads bent in to form a huddle. The group then throws an object into the air, and nobody in the circle is allowed to move until after the object lands on someone. 

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The object — which can range from a small ball to bigger items, including a bike — usually hits one of the people on the head or the neck. The goal of the challenge is to cause a concussion, which is truly a terrifying concept. Naturally, many were calling out for these videos to be removed from the app, especially because it was incredibly popular among groups of teenagers. 

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3. The Outlet Challenge/The Penny Challenge

While it seems like it would be a no brainer to refrain from putting a conductor into an electric outlet, many people were doing just that with the Outlet Challenge, which has also been referred to as the penny challenge. The purpose of said TikTok trend was to slide a penny behind a phone charger that was partially plugged in. 

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The resulting spark was the "fun" of the video, but it also led to several fires. While it doesn't seem like these fires led to any fatalities, the risk far outweighs the reward. Plus, this trend was popular in high schools, which would potentially put hundreds of people's lives at risk. 

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4. The Cha Cha Slide Challenge

Yet another challenge on this list that can put innocent people in harm's way is the Cha Cha Slide challenge. Those who participated in it —before all of the videos were removed — drove their cars to the lyrics of the "Cha Cha Slide" (yes, the song that is played at basically every wedding). The challenge had the potential to cause cars to veer between lanes, flip over, or even crash into other vehicles. 

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5. The Cereal Challenge

In addition to potentially leading people to choke, the cereal challenge is just plain nasty. The rules are fairly simple: use someone's mouth as a cereal bowl. That's right, people were pouring milk and cereal into another person's mouth while they laid down, and then using a spoon to eat it. 

The Cereal Challenge posed a huge choking hazard, especially when the users started laughing. This TikTok challenge has yet to be removed from the app, but it still isn't a good idea. 

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6. The Bright Eye Challenge

Tons of TikTok users participated in the Bright Eye Challenge to change their eye color, and the very dangerous methods didn't actually work. The idea originated as a joke, but many TikTok users actually believed that the insanely dangerous idea could work. 

It involves mixing bleach, hand sanitizer, jelly, and shaving cream into a bag. Then, that lethal mixture goes on the user's eyeball for one entire minute. Afterwards, the mixture is supposed to make one's eyes look lighter, but it doesn't work.

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7. The Pass Out Challenge

Considering the title of this challenge, it's truly surprising that anyone thought that it would be a good idea to attempt it. While versions of the challenge have been popular for years, with people holding their own breath or constricting their airways for several minutes at a time, this challenge involves snapping your head back and forth from side to side more than a dozen times. 

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Without fail, the users pass out after this head sway. In some videos, the person attempting the challenge has elevated the risk by attempting it on a staircase. 

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