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Source: Instagram

15 Pregnancy Announcements That Are Actually Adorable


The impending arrival of a new baby is easily one of the most exciting milestones in the life of a couple who wants to build a family. It's a joyous time worthy of celebration, and a lot of expectant parents express their joy with fun pregnancy announcements. While we've all seen our share of cheesy or even tasteless announcements, every so often someone really nails it, surprising and delighting family and friends (sometimes even their future coparent). 

Here are the best pregnancy announcements we've ever seen, from the funny to the genuinely moving.

1. Surprise, daddy!

Source: Instagram

Bethany Rose, who blogs at Waves + Lilacs, decided for her third pregnancy to surprise her husband with the news and captured his genuine reaction (though she did order him to comb his hair after the first photo in this triptych. "The last 2 times he was right by my side and we both found out together. But the third time around I figured we'd have a little more fun with it," she wrote. Seeing that look of genuine surprise in the second photo, followed by the ecstatic smile in the third is priceless.

h/t Bored Panda