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Source: imgur

15 Rideshare Drivers Who Definitely Earned Five Stars


Whether you live in a big city or large suburb, rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber can be a godsend. They make it safer for people, especially single women, to get home late and they also prevent countless drunk drivers by providing convenient ways home after a night at the bar. Though there are a few bad drivers out there for sure, some of them are really going above and beyond the call of duty for their passengers.

These 15 rideshare drivers truly earned their five-star ratings, whether through innovative "perks" for riders and exceptional service.

Source: reddit

This driver in Fairbanks, Alaska provides a conversation "menu" for passengers to select from, with topics ranging from bad drivers on the road to the best local restaurants. The person who posted this photo to reddit later got permission to use the driver's name (blacked out above). His name is Jeffrey, and he's a Vietnam War veteran who finances his retirement as an Uber driver. The passenger, That1Girrl, says he also provided a "BEYOND immaculate car," and clearly "took his job seriously and wanted everyone to have a pleasant ride.

Although I most often opt for the "Simon and Garfunkel Ride," I kind of want to fly to Alaska, track him down, and work my way through the other menu options, because he seems like a wonderful conversationalist. Thar1Girrl says if you track him down, ask about "his famous 'monkey story.'"