The Big Bank Challenge on TikTok Has Women Flaunting Their Major Assets


Nov. 22 2023, Published 11:07 a.m. ET

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The Gist:

  • The big bank challenge on TikTok is designed primarily for women, and it asks them to highlight their face, waist, and rear end.
  • The challenge has been riffed on by TikTok users to make it more body-positive, and it's fairly easy to take part in yourself.
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The challenges and trends on TikTok span a wide spectrum from totally kid-friendly to ultra-risque, and it can be hard to tell which trends fall into which category based on their names alone. The big bank challenge, which has emerged on the platform in 2023, definitely falls on the racier end of the spectrum, and many users want to better understand what the challenge actually is.

While many of the challenges on TikTok are complicated or require grand feats of strength, the big bank challenge is actually remarkably simple.

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What is the big bank challenge on TikTok?

The big bank challenge is a challenge targeted primarily at women. The challenge involves asking women to flaunt their physical features, and typically involves them highlighting their slim waists and attractive faces before shifting the attention of the camera to their rear end, which they often refer to as their "big bank." The challenge is often paired with the song "Mean" by $NOT and Flo Milli, which features the lyric "Cause I got a small waist, pretty face with a big bank."

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Although it's really taken off in 2023, the challenge actually started all the way back in 2021 when a user with the handle @halle.c00l.Cat posted a video of herself doing the trend along with the song.

The trend has since become immensely popular, and as is often the case on TikTok, it's also generated a number of related trends that are meant to riff or play with the ideas in the song.

Women with diverse body types have also gotten in on the action, and even changed some of the lyrics to the song. In one variation, the lyrics have been changed to, "Cause I got a thick waist, decent face, and a weird bank."

Given that the original trend was pretty focused on a specific body type, these variations are designed to make it feel more inclusive and body positive than the original trend may have.

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Doing the big bank challenge yourself is pretty easy.

While some challenges on TikTok require a lot of work, the big bank challenge is actually relatively straightforward if you want to do it yourself. First, you need to start a new post and find the song "Mean" by $NOT and Flo Milli.

Then, you need to record yourself doing the dance, typically highlighting your face and waist and then turning attention to your butt.

If you'd like to do one of the variations, you may need to look around and find the version of the song you'd like to use, but actually filming the video is relatively straightforward, and there aren't even any set dance moves that you have to learn.

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