Licensed Counselor Explains Why People Shouldn’t Watch Family Vlogging Channels

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 21 2023, Published 10:21 p.m. ET

When we were on a vacation with our parents growing up, they would whip out an old school camcorder to get some of the highlights. Watching those home tapes back as an adult is fun and sometimes a little cringe. But hey, it's all in the name of nostalgia!

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Now imagine you are a kid whose parent is filming everything you do always. Not only that, but you know that these will be seen not just by your family, but by millions of random strangers on the internet. Not so fun anymore is it?

This is why one content creator took to TikTok to tell people not to watch family vlogging channels. We break down the video below.

“Don’t watch family vlogging channels," KC Davis begs her followers on TikTok.

KC Davis is a content creator in her own right running the TikTok page @domesticblisters that has 1.6 million followers. KC is also licensed counselor, an author, and runs the mental health website, Struggle Care.

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KC posted the video in question on TikTok, imploring people not to watch family vlogging channels. The video has 2.3 million views, with 285.6 thousand likes, and 6,485 comments.

In the video, KC opens up stating very passionately, "Please do not watch family vlogging channels. You are supporting the exploitation of those children if you consume that content.

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KC then shows a video of an Influencer mom discussing how she is going on a trip with her family, and doesn't want her kids, "filming and working the entire time."

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KC steps in to say that she doesn't have any animosity towards this woman, but calls out the fact that "she doesn't realize" how messed up what she is saying is.

The video goes back to the influencer mom showing a spreadsheet of 40 videos they are planning to make on this "family vacation."

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KC calls out how the parents' idea of their kids "not working is making 40 videos." KC ends the video calling out the exploitation and stating how these children's lives are being thought through in a way of "how it can be packaged.

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Most of the comments are in support and agreement with KC, but one person did ask, "What's the difference between this and child actors? Why is one exploitation and the other not?"

KC actually followed up with a video reply to this question:

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KC explains how a lot of child acting is exploitative in nature. However, "there are laws that have protections for child actors that do not apply to children on family YouTube channels." The laws protect things like how many hours a child can work, as well as making sure that the child is doing their school work. Children in family vlogging videos don't have those same protections.

We totally agree with KC. Illinois actually passed a law recently, making sure that these kids making content are getting paid. More definitely needs to be done about when and where they can "work." We mean, these kids are going to need a vacation from their vacation with that 40 video spreadsheet.

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