“Fastest Cashier in the World” — Woman Scans Groceries Herself After Waiting for Help

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 21 2023, Published 5:49 p.m. ET

Many will recall the day self-checkout grocery store lines became a thing. While the shy and anti-social humans (the two aren’t always related) rejoiced at the concept of checking out one's own groceries, there were various concerns about them.

One of the more pressing matters was self-checkout lines taking real-life cashiers’ jobs.

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Well, according to one TikTok user’s video, the cashiers might not need to worry about a machine outearning them, but they might want to pay closer attention to their customers.

During the video, the TikToker recorded a shopper who took control of her grocery shopping experience when the cashier took too long to ring up her order. Here’s what happened!

A cashier holding a customer's money
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A woman rang up her own groceries because her cashier was taking too long to ring her up.

While self-checkouts and even online delivery are popular ways to get through grocery shopping faster, some people still prefer the joys of making small talk with a cashier as they ring up and bag their groceries.

Unfortunately, one woman didn’t enjoy the perks of waiting in the cashier’s line. In TikTok user @laayl0w7_’s 8-second video, the woman waiting in line stood beside the cashier’s scanner and began ringing up several items, including frozen foods and breakfast cereals.

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After a few moments of ringing up her groceries, @laayl0w7_ chuckles as the real cashier in the store runs to her station and finishes ringing the woman’s items up for her. However, the woman seemingly has a routine going as she continues scanning the groceries with the cashier. In the words of @laay0w7_, “I’m dead!”

“She trynna be the fastest cashier in the world,” the TikToker wrote in her TikTok’s caption.

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Several TikTok users saw nothing wrong with the woman taking over her cashier’s job.

After witnessing @laayl0w7_’s TikTok, several of the app’s users expressed their feelings about the shopper’s shady way of telling the cashier working at the store to do better. The woman received comments from self-checkout shoppers who stated her predicament was why they exclusively shop self-checkout.

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Others shared that they saw nothing wrong with the woman’s response and even said they’ve had to compete to be “the fastest cashier in the world” once or twice.

“This is why I use self-checkout everywhere, lol,” one user wrote.

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“Haha, I’d do the same,” another agreed.

“LMFAOAOAOAOAOAO MEEEEEE,” a third user boasted.

"For real!! They realized they get paid the same so they go in slow motion, like I don’t got places to be myself," another chimed in.

Clearly, the internet is on the side of the customer in this scenario, even if it was a bit shady.

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Like the commenters above, I don’t see a problem with anything that happened in the TikTok. Actually, that’s not true. The cashier should’ve been moving a little faster to avoid the woman taking matters into her own hands.

However, all of this could’ve been avoided if the shopper used self-checkout — my preferred method of shopping!

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