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Source: HBO

Will 'Big Little Lies' be Back for Season 3? The Answer Is a Huge Bummer


Here's a big little truth for you Big Little Lies fans: The HBO show probably won't be coming back for Season 3. Even though Season 2 isn't over yet, it sounds like viewers will be getting the closure we all need after next week's finale. Hopefully Celeste wins the legal battle against Mary Louise, Bonnie confesses to the crime and isn't put in jail for it, Jane and Corey end up having a normal relationship even though he's a spy for the Monterey police, Renata gets ALL her money back and is super rich again, and Madeline and Ed work things out. Since it *is* Big Little Lies we're talking about here, we have a feeling things likely won't end up wrapping up so neatly, but hey, you never know. But now, what we've all been wanting to know...

Why isn't Big Little Lies coming back for Season 3?

First of all, the novel the show is based on concludes with the moms of Monterey coming clean, so there would be no real reason to keep following them to see if they get caught. In Big Little Lies the book (by Liane Moriarty), Bonnie confesses to the crime, and Celeste gives a public speech about domestic violence to educate people. She also goes back to practicing law. Obviously, the show is much different and we're left with a lot of loose ends, hence why we got a Season 2.