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Here's How Things Will End for the Monterey Five in the Series Finale of 'Big Little Lies' (SPOILERS!)



Is it getting to you? It's probably getting to you. It's definitely getting to us. This season of Big Little Lies is devolving into a crazy spiral considering the Monterey Five are still keeping their lie, despite Celeste fighting Mary Louise for custody of the children and Bonnie withering away with her guilt.

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Oh, and did we mention Jane confronted Mary Louise, Renata found out during her bankruptcy hearing that her husband was sleeping with the babysitter, and Madeline is losing her mind and dancing around in her wedding gown? We don't think we're alone in thinking that this season needs to find a way to tie together all these missing pieces.

These are the most compelling Big Little Lies finale spoilers and fan theories.

But considering there's only have one episode left (like, forever ever), fans are eager to know how the Monterey Five will resolve their drama. Will someone crack under pressure and reveal what happened on the night of the Otter Bay fundraiser

Here are the most compelling fan theories and spoilers ahead of the series finale of Big Little Lies.

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Corey and Perry are brothers.

All right, stay with us for a second here because this is an interesting theory to entertain. We started this season off positing that there was more to Corey than meets the eye. That much was obvious from the fact that the show is based on a novel by Liane Moriarty, who's known for her last-minute twists.

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Well, according to one redditor, he might be Perry's half-brother. You know how Mary Louise mentioned that her husband left her and started a family? We're thinking Corey might be one of his kids. "When looking at the main changes between Seasons 1 and 2," the theorist writes, "the introduction of Corey and the prominence of Perry's past ... stand out the most." It would definitely make sense that these are connected.

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Mary Louise killed Perry's twin.

To convince you further of this theory, take the fact that Jane flashes back to Perry when she and Corey get close, their age different, and the peculiar look Celeste gives Corey when she meets him at Amabella's party. Couldn't it be because of how much he resembles her late husband?

We are most excited to see Celeste cross-examine Mary Louise during next week's finale, and we think (or hope!) that she has some intel up her sleeve about how unfit the kids' grandmother would be to gain sole custody. According to another redditor, and supported by many eagle-eyed fans who were a bit thrown by how she yelled at the boys in the car in the first episode, "I think Perry got his power/abuse problems from Mary Louise." 

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Also, in an interview, Alexander Skarsgard mentioned that we'd see how he turned out to be so violent. This means that he didn't kill his twin brother, as then he wouldn't have become violent, but rather always been that way. And it seems like his rage and aggression is only toward women, which would support the claim that his mother's abuse traumatized him as a kid.

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The detective has actually been building a case about Perry.

We've been thinking about this for a while now. Considering five women have similar stories regarding Perry's death and that Celeste's bruises confirm he abused her, why has this detective relentlessly been pestering everyone about the events of the Otter Bay fundraiser night for over a year?

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Like, doesn't she work on any other cases? "She was likely investigating a string of rapes and sexual assaults in the surrounding area," writes one redditor who believes the detective is part of a bigger investigation. When the rapes and assaults completely stopped after Perry's death, it likely confirmed for her that he was the perpetrator.

Now, she just needs confirmation from Celeste and Jane in order to make sure she isn't wrong about Perry and letting some other rapist in the community run free. This would be the most wholesome twist, and the ending that we truly feel we deserve.

What do you think will happen in the series finale of Big Little Lies? Don't miss it when it airs Sunday, July 21 at 9 p.m.

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