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Source: HBO

That Awkward Moment with Tori in 'Big Little Lies' Could Mean Major Drama For Madeline and Ed


HBO's Big Little Lies Season 2 premiered on Sunday, and while we want to talk about ALL the things (Meryl Streep screaming! Maddie passive aggressively pounding down like three red velvet cupcakes! Renata's photoshoot!) there's one thing that's on our mind in particular: Tori. You know, the woman who Ed (Madeline's husband) ran into at the grocery store. She point-blank told him she had just gotten her breasts done and then explained to him that it was to distract people from her nose. It was very uncomfortable! But this all definitely means something. Let's dive deeper: Who is Tori (played by Sarah Sokolovic), and what does she want? 

Let's go back to Season 1: We know that Tori is Joseph's husband

Joseph, if you remember, is the man Maddie is having an affair with. They both work at the the town's theater, and it's been an ongoing thing. Both Ed and Tori probably know *something* is up, especially with Maddie and Joseph getting into that car accident together in Season 1, Episode 5, and ending up in the hospital. Very suspicious.