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Source: HBO

8 Super Dark 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Theories


Tonight's episode of Big Little Lies, "She Knows," took an even darker turn: Mary Louise is seeking custody of Celeste's boys, and Bonnie's mother suffers from a stroke. Even though Perry is long gone, his actions clearly still have consequences. Mary Louise tells Celeste she's "a mess" and punishes her grief by trying to take her sons away from her. It's true that Celeste is going through a lot—it would be more surprising if she didn't let her late husband's death affect her state of mind. It feels more like Mary Louise is blaming Celeste for the death of her son than watching out for the safety of her grandkids, and that is *so* hard to watch.

And Bonnie's mother clearly senses something is very wrong with her daughter. Right before she has a stroke, she sees water, and later in the episode when she wakes up from her coma, she sees Bonnie fully submerged. Earlier in the season, the show hinted that Bonnie's mom could be clairvoyant—is she able to see what happened?

It's true that the Monterey Five are all drowning in their own ways, and not just literally. These Big Little Lies theories prove that Season 2 is still all about Perry and how his actions live on even after his death—and how they affect everyone around him and those who they love.

1. Bonnie will attempt to take her own life, or drown

Source: HBO

As we know, Bonnie is not only traumatized by Perry's death, but she feels immense guilt (since she was the one who pushed him down the flight of stairs) that seems to be consuming her. Granted, her response feels healthy—we'd be more concerned if she carried on pretending nothing happened at Trivia Night. But do we think Bonnie's emotional response to the death would lead to her own self-destruction? 

Reddit user dawnGrace seems to think so, claiming that the character's depression, guilt, and maybe even rocky past with her mother could lead to ending her own life:

"I've been getting the feeling that Bonnie will (or attempt to) take her own life this season. The drowning visions, her intense depression, the guilt, coupled with whatever she may have done/gone through in her past, all add up to nothing good! Sure she seemed chipper for a few moments this last episode, but I'm not buying it. She may have been feeling secure in her decision to end her life," dawnGrace wrote.

There *has* been a lot of drowning imagery this season. From Bonnie's flashbacks to learning how to swim with her mom (her mom violently dunked her daughter's head into the water in order to teach her how to hold her breath) to adult Bonnie walking into the ocean fully clothed, to Bonnie's mom's recent visions of her daughter in the water right before and after she had her stroke, we get the sense that something bad involving water might happen before Season 2 is over.