“The Lack of Self Control Is Astonishing” — Woman Booted from Airplane after Vaping on Board

"The lack of self-control is actually astonishing."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 10 2024, Published 3:20 p.m. ET

Booted off Plane for "Accidentally" Vaping
Source: TikTok | @tipsytalk

If you've ever gotten into the habit of vaping, then you know how much easier it can be to burn through an e-cigarette than a package of actual, tobacco-filled cancer sticks. It's hard to ignore smoking indoors, and it doesn't help that the practice is pretty much banned everywhere — the smell and smoke stains get all over the place.

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Which means that the act of lighting and smoking a cigarette takes a bit more effort. You have to head outside as you cough through your stogie and make sure that you're not close enough to people to bother them with your habit.

But vaping is much more convenient. You can vape inside of a car and it probably won't leave a lingering smell.

Sometimes, you can surreptitiously grab a hit of your e-cigarette without anyone catching you, just as long as the smoke emitting from the vape isn't clocked by anyone else.

Which means that "accidentally" hitting a vape unconsciously, because you can just plug away at the thing all day while seated indoors, could very well happen — it could become a knee-jerk reaction.

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However, it's hard to determine if that's what was really going on with the woman who was caught hitting her vape while aboard a plane in this viral TikTok that was uploaded to the @tipsytalk account on the popular social media platform.

Source: TikTok | @tipsytalk
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In the video, a passenger records a fellow traveler placing her head down to rip her e-cigarette as a flight attendant stands right behind her. The attendant catches her ripping the vape and immediately tells her that what she is doing isn't allowed.

"How to get booted off a plane," a caption for the video reads.

"Ma'am, you can't do that," he tells the woman, who immediately says, "OK, OK, I apologize I didn't mean to do that. I will never vape again," she says, hiding her e-cigarette in her clothes.

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The attendant says, "OK," and then eventually walks off camera. The woman looks down into her lap as other passengers begin walking down the aisle of the aircraft.

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The passenger who was caught vaping asks if she's going to really be kicked off of the plane after hitting her vape — it looks like she was actually removed from the flight for taking a drag on her vape while aboard the airplane.

Commenters who asked for a second part of the video got their wishes granted by @tipsytalk, as a follow-up clip appears to show the same woman aboard the flight was approached by two transportation employees, a man and a woman.

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The plane-vapist is asked by the woman to get up and gather her belongings, and the woman leaves her window seat and immediately complies with the woman, who tells her that she needs to exit the aircraft. The passenger doesn't say anything as she waits in line with the workers and the clip ends.

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One TikToker joked: "But she said she’d never vape again?!"

There was another person who penned that they had other concerns while watching the video, namely, with the amount of space fliers were afforded on this particular flight: "Why is the only thing I’m focused on about HOW MUCH LEG ROOM THERE IS!"

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There were other users on the application who were just tickled pink by the reaction to the fellow passenger who was seated next to the booted flier: "Other lady tucked herself into a whole ball and said GETTR OUTTA HERE," one joked.

Another person quipped: "'Hey babes lemme tell you the wildest way I got a whole row by myself on the plane,'" joking about what the woman was probably texting to someone else while on her phone in the video.

That was an observation/assumption someone else in the comments section made: "ik the girl next to her is texting her friends exactly what happened"

Other folks just couldn't believe the woman couldn't control her vaping impulses: "Nah the lack of self-control is actually astonishing"

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"The addiction is real lol," someone else wrote, while another remarked, "'I didn't mean to do that,' GIRL WHAT DO YOU MEAN?"

While smoking or vaping on board a plane, according to Davinci Vaporizer isn't an offense that is usually "punishable by jailtime," the company writes airplane passengers can be slapped with a fine that ranges anywhere from $50-$4,000.

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However, that's if you hit your vape while you're already up in the air. That's not to say you won't be hit with other potential fines from the airline and/or transportation authority, either. There have been cases where unruly airplane passengers were slapped with $20,000+ fees for disrupting a flight.

And if you're deemed to be an unruly passenger, you may find yourself on the receiving end of not only a fat fine, but a possible lifetime airline ban, like this one Spirit passenger sustained after vaping aboard a vessel for the travel company.

Well, there's always Frontier for low-cost air commuting options.

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