These 'Boy Meets World' Christmas Episodes Are Still Total Tear-Jerkers

Crying during these 'Boy Meets World' Christmas episodes is basically inevitable, as each and every one of are total tear-jerkers.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 16 2020, Updated 5:22 p.m. ET

Out of all the T.V. shows I watched growing up, Boy Meets World — by far — one of the best. But there's no denying it was a total tear-jerker. Between family feuds, friend drama, and relationship issues, there was always something seriously crazy going on between Cory, Shawn, and Topanga, and obviously Mr. Feeny.

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And since holiday season and — let's be honest — seasonal depression are both in full swing right now, I decided to roundup the mushiest holiday moments of all time. Here's every time you cried during the Boy Meets World Christmas episodes.

2. When Shawn's Dad Gets Laid Off in "Santa's Little Helper"

Shawn spends the entirety of Season 1's holiday episode, "Santa's Little Helper," hiding the fact that his dad got laid off from his job. Corey finds out about his dad's unfortunate situation, so Corey decides to secretly pay Shawn's portion of the teacher's gift. In the end, it was pretty heart-warming.

3. When Corey's Date Finds Out He's Trying to Change Her in "Turnaround"

An unpopular girl asks Corey to the 'Turnaround Dance' — in which girls ask guys — and he realizes this will damage his reputation. He decides to try and "make her over," and she's fully aware of what he's trying to do. And although it's heart-breaking, she gets her revenge.

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4. Eric & Corey Fight in "Train of Fools"

Eric asks out a model for New Year's Eve as eye candy, and Corey tells her he only asked her out to kiss her in public. She leaves in a huff, and the boys get stuck on the train. Eric and Corey fight all night long, bringing much of their sibling drama to light. Luckily, in the end, Eric's date returns, and he and Corey make amends.

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5. Shawn Regrets His New Job on "Easy Street"

Corey quits a job at a restaurant, because he realizes it's run by some shady people. Shawn takes his job, fully aware of the situation at hand, but eventually learns that this was a bad idea, when he's forced to deal drugs on Christmas Eve, which is a very sad way to spend the holidays.

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6. Corey Questions Things With Topanga in "A Very Topanga Christmas"

Corey and Topanga are spending their first Christmas together, and Corey realizes they have very different Christmas traditions. Corey starts to question their relationship, despite previously wanting to get her a promise ring. The episode is all about realizing the need to make sacrifices in relationships.

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7. "Santa's Little Helpers"

Corey and Topanga invite Shawn and Angela to their holiday celebration, in hopes that they will get together. Shawn and Angela end up getting in a nasty fight, and Angela declares their relationship is going to be forever dead. Both of them storm out, totally devastated it had to happen on Christmas.

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There's no denying that each and every one of Boy Meets World's Christmas episodes were total emotional roller coasters. But like every other regular episode, they provided us with the life lessons we needed growing up. Really, Mr. Feeny will forever be my life coach, whether he's dressed as Santa or in tweed.

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