TikTok Is Obsessed With This Mom Who Has Been Fighting With Neighbors Over Backyard Lake for Years

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 12 2024, Published 3:10 p.m. ET

tiktok user @boymom4life77
Source: TikTok / @boymom4life77

If you're looking for a new TikTok account to follow where every video feels like a new episode, we have the account for you. Users on the platform have been captivated by one Southern mom's account, which follows her and her family's ongoing battle with their next-door neighbors.

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Their years-long feud with the elderly couple next door has not only involved the police and their local homeowner's association, but parties have also filed lawsuits against one another. You're probably wondering what on earth these folks could be squabbling about. Well, what if we told you it was dirt and water?

Yup, and as I'm sure you already when you put those two natural resources together, things do get muddy.

So, who is @boymom4life77 and why do she and her family have so much drama with the folks next door? Keep reading to find out.

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Who is @boymom4life77 on TikTok and why does she have beef with her neighbor?

Alisha Arieux, most popularly known as @boymom4life77 on TikTok, lives in Slidell, La. with her two sons and husband. They moved into their current house in 2020, and let's just say that their neighbors didn't go out of their way to warmly welcome the Arieux fam to the community. However, these neighbors, who are believed to be an elderly couple, did go out of their way to cause beef with them.

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In the past three years, @boymom4life77 says that these neighbors have called the cops on her and her family over 30 times for various complaints, all of which were baseless accusations. @boymom4life77 and her family have yet to receive a citation.

But one of their main disagreements has been over the lake that runs through both of their backyards. Given that @boymom4life77 has two sons, she was excited for them to be able to go out on their boats in the water and go fishing. But clearly, the neighbors didn't have the same vision.

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They told @boymom4life77 that her boys could not go fishing in the water because it allegedly posed an environmental safety risk (this was proven untrue). They also claimed that the river was on their property, to begin with, so the boys had no right to be in there anyway (this was also proven untrue).

To really get their point across and show @boymom4life77 and her family that they were serious, the neighbors installed a fence in the water, which prevented @boymom4life77's sons from going in.

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@boymom4life77 wasn't about to just give up without a fight. That said, she ordered a bulldozer to excavate all of the dirt on her family's side of the fence, allowing the lake water, which the neighbors claimed they owned, to flow onto their property, enabling her boys to have at least some access to the body of water. The neighbors retaliated by attempting to file a police report, accusing @boymom4life77 of stealing their dirt.

Officials consistently affirmed the family's right to use the water, shutting down the neighbors' ownership claims. Despite this, the neighbors continue to persist and are finding new reasons to complain. They even sued @boymom4life77 for defamation of their image over her TikTok videos.

This ongoing battle raises the question of whether @boymom4life77's sons will ever freely play in the lake in their backyard. The saga appears to have no end in sight.

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