Bramble the Mountain King Turns Nordic Creatures Into Epic Bosses — How to Beat Them

Anthony Jones - Author

May 3 2023, Published 4:47 p.m. ET

Main character Olle using a sword of light in Bramble and the Mountain King
Source: Dimfrost Studio

Launched on April 27, the indie adventure game Bramble the Mountain King has garnered some cult fame for its eerie world inspired by Nordic folklore and epic-scale encounters with twisted mythical bosses.

Players will control Olle, a boy trying to rescue his sister from a terrifying troll within the dark lands of Bramble.

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The boy will eventually acquire the Spark of Courage, an enchanted fragment with light powers.

He can then use it to defeat enemies and take down bosses. Here's every boss encounter in Bramble and the Mountain King and how to beat them.

Bramble and the Mountain King Olle walking by flowers in front of a strange yellow-eyed creature.
Source: Dimfrost Studio
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All 'Bramble and the Mountain King' bosses and how to beat them.

Bosses in Bramble and the Mountain King have mechanics tied to their environment and aesthetic, which players must take advantage of to avoid lethal attacks or maneuver around to damage them.

Players will encounter six boss fights throughout the adventure game. Here's a list of every boss in order from the beginning and steps on how to beat them:

  • The Butcher: Run around and avoid its strikes until its weapon gets stuck in the chopping table. Its wild strikes will shake loose gooey slop from above that you can use to throw in its eyes, opening a way to escape.
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  • Monster: The Monster under the water of Naecken's Pond will show up as you jump across on lily pads. Keep jumping until you reach dry land, but it will chase you. The Monster will appear with different mechanics throughout this area, but you can escape by running to safety and hiding when necessary.
  • Scarecrow: Starting on a boat raft, you must use the Spark to hit the Scarecrow. It will go away later in the battle and turn off the light source on the raft. Use the Spark to light up the area, find the Scarecrow hiding in the water, and shoot the power to beat it.
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Bramble and the Mountain King Olle using the Courage of Light to strike an enemy.
Source: Dimfrost Studio
  • Skogsra: While moving behind a ring of trees, Skogsra will float at the center. Use the Spark to damage five statues behind the trees before shooting Skogsra. It will get stunned and allow you to go in to stab it. The second phase puts the statues facing Skogsra, while the last stage destroys the trees and puts them out in the open, so follow the same steps with the Spark to win the fight.
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  • Pesta: One of its attacks will pull a rake in your direction, and another will be an army of rats you must avoid. Lastly, Pesta can sneeze numerous heads at you. Attack the one going into its nostrils to interrupt its attack. After each round of attacks, Pesta's eyes will become available to shoot with the Spark.
  • King Nils: The final boss will have bramble flowers decorating his shoulders. Shoot these objects with the Spark while avoiding his knife and fork stabs. Nils will bring out his sword to perform a sweeping attack and a scepter to slam down during the next phase. Keep dodging these attacks and shooting the brambles to beat him.
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Bramble and the Mountain King Olle staring at a creepy scarecrow in a field of dying weeds.
Source: Dimfrost Studio

Bosses in Bramble the Mountain King can be intense since Olle is a fragile boy, but also eye-catching set pieces that aim to raise the scale of this Nordic-styled adventure game.

Bramble and the Mountain King is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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