The Mother of Murdered Teenager Bianca Devins Still Receives Photos of Her Daughter's Body

"It doesn’t take back all the trauma we’ve suffered, but I finally feel like we got a little bit of justice for Bianca."

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jun. 17 2024, Published 7:10 p.m. ET

Kim Devins is still receiving photos of her dead daughter Bianca Devins, which have been circulating online since the internet personality was killed in July 2019.

The grieving mother told the New York Post that Bianca — whose killer filmed the horrific crime — was initially drawn to social media after receiving a borderline personality disorder diagnosis. She was feeling disconnected from her peers, which is why she turned to various apps. Kim describes Devins as a "bright light" who was also her best friend.

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The person responsible for Bianca's horrific murder was someone the young girl barely knew. Police would later discover that it was less of a crime of passion and instead involved a terrifying amount of planning.

What happened to Brandon Clark, the man obsessed with Devins but who appeared to be far more consumed by his desire to be known? He's not in the public eye anymore.

Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins pose with their arms around each other
Source: YouTube/CBS News (video still)

Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins

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Where is Brandon Clark now?

Brandon Clark plead guilty to the murder of social media influencer Bianca Devins in February 2020, per the New York Post. He is currently serving a sentence of 25 years to life at Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, N.Y. On the day of his sentencing, Clark said he wished he could take everything back. "I hate myself for what I did to her," he claimed. "I don’t understand how I could do something like that. It disgusts me."

In an incredibly emotional statement, Kim spoke openly about the "incredible pain" she has felt since Devins was killed. She shared that when Devins was born, Kim was only 18 and as such, the two grew very close while essentially growing up together. "My entire adult life, I have been Bianca’s mom; without her, I don’t know who I am," said Kim, through tears. Beyond taking her daughter, Clark also stole her sense of safety and security.

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What happened to Bianca Devins?

Years after Clark murdered Devins, information about who he was and what happened that night continues to come to light. The Independent reported that they met via social media where Devins was described as an e-girl while Clark was an orbiter. Being an orbiter was not a compliment as it normally suggested you were someone circling another person but you weren't part of their life. Despite this being thrown about, Kim thought that Clark was her daughter's friend and felt similarly about him.

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Kim would later get a crash course in the incel community and learned how they frequently harassed Devins in the months leading up to her murder. Her daughter's friend Kimberly said this was mostly because Devins "was a strong woman that advocated for herself and for other people and really stood up against the incel community when she was alive."

The night of her death, Devins and Clark went into New York City to attend a show. Devins had plans to meet up with a boy she liked, which Clark was aware of. While Devins and this boy shared a kiss at the show, Clark grew increasingly more agitated. However, what he ended up doing was not a crime of passion brought on by a jealous rage. Authorities soon realized that he had been planning this for some time, per

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Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Sarah DeMellier told that a few months before killing Devins, Clark had been researching online about different methods of murdering someone. He also searched her name often and kept screenshots of their conversations. Clark also made sure he had a can of spray paint in his car which he used to write a suicide note for himself after killing Devins.

Bianca Devins smiles in a photo with her mother, Kim Devins
Source: Facebook/Kim Devins

Bianca Devins and her mother, Kim Devins

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After the concert ended, Clark expressed his annoyance about the kiss but Devins reminded him that they were just friends. Soon after that argument ended, she fell asleep in the backseat of Clark's car. While she was passed out he set up a camera on his dashboard then woke the sleeping girl up. Before Devins understood what was happening, Clark had the knife against her neck and essentially sawed through her throat. He recorded everything, including the last breaths she took.

That video never made it online, but images of her body did. Clark posted them to Discord and from there, they continue to circulate to this day. He then built a bonfire and called friends and family. When police arrived, Clark slit his own throat but he of course lived. Because gruesome images of Devins are still being sent to her mother, Kim took matters into her own hands.

As 2022 came to a close, Bianca’s Law was signed by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. "It establishes the crime of unlawful dissemination of personal images, particularly crime scene photos," Kim explained to the New York Post. As of now that's just a state law, but she's advocating to make it a federal law. "It doesn’t take back all the trauma we’ve suffered, but I finally feel like we got a little bit of justice for Bianca."

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