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10 Hilarious and Too Real Tweets From the #ABreakupStory Hashtag



Breakups suck. We can all take comfort in the fact that we’ve all been dumped and duped by a former partner and that is really was the worst. “What went wrong?” is the eternal question we ask ourselves when these things go sour and, it’s hard to put into words how we feel when things end in a relationship. It’s even harder to articulate what went wrong.

However, one of the good things to come out of any breakup, besides the lessons learned and actually figuring out what we want when it comes to a healthy partner, is the story of how things came to an end. Before you think that your breakup story is the worst of the worst, we suggest you take a look at these insane tweets below of people sharing their #BreakUpStory because some of these are just... wow.

1. Double Trouble

So not only does your partner cheat on you, but then goes ahead and gets your best friend pregnant... with twins! This guy really doubled down on being an A-hole. 

2. “Sup Bro”

Imagine dating a guy who might be too old for you and then when he initiates the breakup (via text), he calls you “bro.” Brutal. This is a dodged bullet, for sure.

3. Not worth the emotional labor

If your partner thinks that you’re “deserving” of minimum wage and then doesn’t empathize with you having to be nice to people all day as they verbally assault you, it’s time to say “bye-bye.”

4. Ultimate deal-breaker

This is almost as much of a deal-breaker as being a cat person. Animals are like family, so basically this is like your partner not getting along with your parents. 

5. Call him “Rude Boy”

If the person you’re dating is rude to waitstaff, it says so much about their personality. If they treat servers that way, imagine how they treat others. No thanks! 

6. Possible serial killer?

There is a difference between a guy having one stuffed animal from his childhood that he keeps in a box in his closet and a guy who keeps multiple stuffed animals on his bed that accompany you while making out. Creep Level: 10+ 

7. Three’s a Crowd

What happens when a best friend gets in the way of a relationship? Either you work it out, or you go, or the best friend goes… in this case, the best friend won. 

8. Getting to the Meat of the Issue

I’m sure this is how a lot of Joaquin Phoenix's girlfriends felt. Plus, how would you ever come to an agreement about where to eat? That's hard enough for mutual meat eating couples.

9. The Perpetual Problem

Whether it’s what to have for dinner or what you want for your future, a couple that can’t make decisions together can’t stay together. 

10. Um, are you expecting a thank you?

If you share that you “almost cheated” on your spouse, are you expecting them to be grateful that they didn’t go through with it? Bragging about "almost" but not actually cheating on your partner to your partner is probably one of the worst things ever. Gross. 

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