Brittany Vasseur's Estranged Husband Finally Responds to Her Allegations of Abuse

Both Brittany Vasseur and her estranged husband Ryan Thomas have said they were abused by the other.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Apr. 3 2024, Published 2:56 p.m. ET

Lifestyle influencer Brittany Vasseur and estranged husband Ryan Thomas
Source: YouTube/Ryan Thomas (video still); Instagram/@vasseurbeauty

Ryan Thomas and Brittany Vasseur

Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's Tale, once said "divorce is like an amputation, you survive it but there's less of you." It seems as if people lose more than their hearts. Progress has undoubtedly made separation both easier and more difficult. In the age of cell phones and social media, a person can upload their entire life which is a bit of double-edged sword. Not only can you mark the good times, but someone occasionally has to document the bad.

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For social media influencer Brittany Vasseur, inviting the public into her world was part of her job. She used YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to share stories about her family and in particular what motherhood was like for her. She also dropped beauty tips and lifestyle hacks. It was all pretty standard stuff until she announced her divorce in July 2023. Six months later, Brittany released very upsetting texts allegedly sent from her estranged husband. Here's what we know so far.

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Beauty influencer Brittany Vasseur is getting a divorce amid allegations of abuse.

On July 31, 2023, Vasseur took to her YouTube channel to share some devastating news with her more than 1 million followers. She and her husband, Ryan Thomas, were getting a divorce. As a public figure, she felt it was her duty to keep her fans apprised of their situation. Vasseur mentioned the couple's two young children as her reason for not wanting to go into detail about why they were divorcing. "One day they might watch this video and I really do not want to say anything negative," she said.

All she was able to say was her situation "was not salvageable," and this decision wasn't made lightly. Six months later, Vasseur shared screenshots of texts to her Instagram stories claiming they were from Thomas. The stories have since expired but were uploaded to the r/YTVloggerFamilies Subreddit. Over the screen shot Vasseur wrote, "I'm done protecting this monster. This is why I left." She then said Thomas was also "trying to take everything from her."

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The text is graphic and shows Thomas demanding sexual acts from Vasseur while insulting her. At one point he calls her a "pile of s--t," while claiming to be masturbating to the "hottest young skinny girls" he has ever seen. Things only get worse as the texts ridicule Vasseur's pregnant body while claiming her vagina was haggard and stretched out. At the very least these texts are disturbing and at the most, abusive.

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Ryan Thomas responded to his estranged wife's claims.

Two months after Vasseur released the very damning texts she said were from Thomas, he responded to them in a YouTube video dated March 28, 2024. He began by assuring fans that both he and Vasseur were always faithful to each other. However, they never had a good marriage and were rarely physical with each other. In fact, they had been sleeping in separate bedrooms since fairly early on in their relationship. For "most of their marriage there was no intimacy or affection," said Anderson.

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Thomas then claims that Vasseur was abusive towards him. She allegedly forced him to weigh himself and send pictures of the scale to her as proof. He needed to be below a "certain weight before she would consider doing anything sexual" with him. Thomas revealed that he felt emasculated by Vasseur's actions which caused him to send her the aforementioned vulgar texts, which he claimed were consensual. The texts helped him to get in the mood for what he described as unsatisfying sex controlled by Vasseur.

Apparently, she was only interested in one specific sexual act that occurred bi-weekly. Regarding the texts, Thomas said he "would be the first to admit they were not okay and an obvious sign of my growing resentment plus the fact that our relationship needed some serious fixing." He never spoke to her like this in-person. Thomas then alleged Vasseur was the abusive one in their relationship. "There is only one of us who put hands on the other during the marriage, and it wasn't me."

According to court documents, a request for DV Prevention w/o Minor Children Subsequent was filed on April 2, 2024, though we don't know by which party. Essentially this means there's a request for a domestic violence protection order that won't include their children. There's also a request for a temporary restraining order. That hearing is scheduled for April 17.

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