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Source: FX

Brooke on 'AHS: 1984' Might Actually Be Madison Montgomery From 'Coven'


FX's American Horror Story: 1984 is the '80s horror story of our nightmares, but there might be something bigger going on that we aren't privy to just yet. The ninth season of the popular anthology series is resurging fan interest in the show, and some are calling it the best season yet. The plot of a serial killer wreaking havoc on a summer camp is perfectly juxtaposed with the fun costumes and the totally tubular characters.

 One fan theory about the show's star is circulating online — and it would change the entire plot of the season. The theory is that Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts), the show's innocent girl-next-door, is actually Madison Montgomery, the actress and psycho from the Coven and Apocalypse seasons. Is Brooke on AHS: 1984 actually Madison Montgomery?

Details on how the fan theory came to be and how the plot might actually be part of something Hollywood-esque.