Bryce Sparks Says That 'Mud Madness' Sounded "Almost Too Good To Be True" (EXCLUSIVE)

"This kind of secret life we live is awesome," Bryce says, of the world of extreme mud racing.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Apr. 16 2024, Updated 9:48 a.m. ET

These days, it's getting easier and easier to blur the lines between reality TV stars or participants and social media influencers. Just look at Bryce Sparks, one of the stars of the Discovery show Mud Madness. Most people might know him from one of many TikTok skits and videos, but because of his love of extreme mud racing, he's also part of this show.

Bryce spoke exclusively with Distractify to share some details about the mud racing world and his part in all of it.

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Mud Madness is about people who have a passion for the high-adrenaline sport that involves taking an often modified ATV or otherwise 4x4 vehicle and racing through dirt hills, mud pits, and everything in between. It's really as American as you can get. OK, maybe that's a little, well, extreme, but it's one of those racing sports that has people of all walks of life competing for the ability to say they bested someone in an intense mud racing course, while winning a little cash too.

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According to the description for Mud Madness, "These races attract a unique cross-section of America and have grown exponentially in popularity thanks to a unique group of passionate and authentic characters that drive the sport." And Bryce is one of those characters who have a passion for this wild sport that to him, once felt like it was something of a "secret life" for those in the subculture.

Who is Bryce Sparks on 'Mud Madness'? He's also on TikTok.

Bryce is among the everyday people on Mud Madness who have a vested interest in mud racing. Because no, he isn't exactly a professional in the sport — if there even is such a thing as a bona fide professional mud racer. But, he shared with us, this is something he was doing for a long time before Discovery came calling with a fleet of blacked out SUVs and cameras in hand.

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"I've been in the off-road world racing for a very long time, on ATVs and UTVs [when they] came around and they got sporty and stuff like that in 2008," Bryce shared. "So I've been doing the side-by-side stuff for a long time as well. And then, like really getting into the mud stuff, I probably have only been doing that for probably four years, five years, something like that. But prior to that, I was racing in the rocks and hill climbing and all that stuff."

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And you might have first seen Bryce on TikTok or Instagram. He makes videos about Gen Z teenagers as he plays one himself with super exaggerated responses and lots of incredulous mutters of "bruh" for the off-camera "mom" of the skits. It's enough to make parents feel justified in dealing with their own sullen teens, while poking fun at a generation of moody kids.

Although Bryce has a young daughter and not a teenager exactly like the character he plays, he told us that he draws daily inspiration from a friend's teenage son, who he's so close to that the kid even sends him ideas for new videos. And since, according to Bryce, they still have a lot of fun making those videos, don't expect those to stop any time soon just because he's part of Mud Madness now. In fact, Bryce could see himself with his own show someday if given the opportunity.

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"I would love to have something of my own," Bryce shared. "I look at myself almost like a Rob Dyrdek, you know, Fantasy Factory... a grown adult just having fun. That's, that's truly who I am, and what I like to do. Nothing makes me happier than when I come up with this perfect idea on how I can mess with my wife right and just get under the skin a little bit. That makes me so happy. And then she turns around, and maybe a couple weeks later, does it to me."

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But besides that, Bruce has long shared videos of his various 4x4 builds for mud racing. In that regard, his role on Mud Madness was a long time coming for him. And in a way, Bryce gets to combine his two worlds with Discovery cameras on him for mud racing. It's an opportunity that he admitted sounded "almost too good to be true" in allowing him to share a passion of his.

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Do extreme mud racers get paid?

According to Bryce, there are plenty of ways to win money with extreme mud racing. And, while you can make money from mud racing at this level, it's also about buy-ins and working your way up. Depending on the competition, though, the winning prize could be upwards of $500,000. Other competitions might have a grand prize of around $10,000 to $15,000.

But in any of those situations, the winner of the race makes out pretty well for embracing something they already love doing. And that includes Bryce.

Watch Mud Madness on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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