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Source: Netflix

'The Irishman's' Russell Bufalino May or May Not Have Been a CIA Spy in Real Life


The Irishman chronicles truck-driver turned mafioso, Frank Sheeran's (played by a de-aged Robert De Niro) battle to climb to the top of the underworld.

The three-and-half-hour-long cinematic masterpiece zooms in on different periods of Frank's life, showing how he landed clients small and large before meeting Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci), the head of the Bufalino crime family. 

How accurate is Martin Scorsese's portrayal of the notorious clan? 

The Irishman captures the Bufalino crime family's shadiest undertakings. 

The 1995 Casino might be hailed as Martin Scorsese's magnum opus, but The Irishman does deserve an honorable mention as well. 

In trademark fashion, the famed director crafts a three-hour-long cinematic masterpiece that tells the story of how an impressionable man managed to establish himself as one of the most-dreaded, heinous criminals out there. 

But is the director's take on the Bufalino family anything to go by?