Country Girls Can't Stop Talking About Their "Built-in Waterfalls" on TikTok — Details on the NSFW Term

Meaning of "built-in waterfall": On TikTok, the term is gaining traction — but some folks are confused. Here are the deets on the NSFW term.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Feb. 27 2023, Published 11:36 a.m. ET

If you’ve recently seen the term “built-in waterfall” on TikTok, you’re likely either an individual with a penchant for architecture and design or a young person who has been watching too many NSFW videos on the platform.

And if you are the former individual, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article because there would be no confusion about what a built-in waterfall is. Perhaps the waterfall is built into a living room or in a backyard. Or even a house as Frank Lloyd Wright once iconically did.

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But if you are the latter individual, you are probably confused about what a built-in waterfall is because the videos you are watching show no signs of water, rocks, nature, or anything other than perhaps a young woman. Or a man talking about his type. Blah. Blah. Blah. What does a built-in waterfall mean? Sigh. OK, whatever, I’ll tell you.

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What does a built-in waterfall mean on TikTok?

A built-in waterfall is a slang term for a well-lubricated vagina. One that is very wet and moist. One that has been aroused and may be expecting company.

But unlike the waterfalls you see out in nature, a woman's built-in waterfall usually contains fluid produced by two pea-sized glands near the opening of the vagina that are known as the Bartholin glands.

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This fluid from the Bartholin glands is meant to decrease the risk of painful friction and injuries during sexual activity.

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That said, it is more desirable when a woman's vagina is well lubricated during sexual activity. Everything goes a lot smoother.

The term is often used by country girls when referring to themselves, although anyone can use the term.

How does one get a built-in waterfall?

If you're a female looking to up the ante on your vagina's lubrication, consider talking to a medical professional such as your ob-gyn.

WebMD also lists some remedies for vaginal dryness that include using a vaginal moisturizer a few times each week before bed, using a water-based lubricant during sexual intercourse, engaging in foreplay before sexual intercourse, and performing pelvic floor exercises.

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