Devin Ratray Played Buzz in 'Home Alone' — Where Is He Now?

Devin Ratray played Buzz in 'Home Alone' back in 1990. He had some legal troubles back in 2021 — what has he been up to lately?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 2 2022, Published 4:59 p.m. ET

Content warning: This article mentions allegations of domestic violence and physical abuse.

When movie lovers think back to the '90s, Home Alone is certainly one of the most iconic movies of the time. The movie starred Macaulay Culkin in the leading role of Kevin, a young boy trying to keep his house safe from intruders while his parents were away on vacation.

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Devin Ratray is the actor who played Buzz in the film. He was Kevin's on-screen bully of an older brother. As fans often wonder about child stars, many are wondering what Devin got up to after the success of Home Alone. Has he been in any more projects? What has he been up to lately?

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Where is the actor who played Buzz from 'Home Alone' now?

Life for the actor who played Buzz in Home Alone back in 1990 hasn’t been going too smoothly in recent years. In late December 2021, he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in Oklahoma. He surrendered to the police and ultimately paid a $25,000 bond. Although he was booked for two domestic assault and battery complaints, law enforcement officials released him from jail fairly quickly.

According to Global News, Devin allegedly choked the woman and said, “This is how you die," during the attack. However, he denies all of the allegations that have been made against him.

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Did Devin Ratray continue acting after 'Home Alone' — and will there ever be a reunion?

When it comes to the careers of child stars in Hollywood, it’s common for things to change as an actor gets older, and many child stars notice that snagging roles is easier to do at a younger age. For Devin, he was able to continue acting into his adulthood without much of a problem. Some of the shows he appeared on as an adult include The Good Wife, Chicago Med, Supernatural, and Mosaic.

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Some of his major movies include Rough Night, Hustlers, and Nebraska. Right before dealing with legal troubles at the end of 2021, he opened up about a possible McAllister family reunion.

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He told People, “They have been planning a reunion online, and I just recently, as in a couple of days ago, got on their messenger chat thread. I have been trying to keep up with Jed Cohen and Diana [Rein] and Terrie [Snell] and Angela Goethals and Hillary Wolf. The family is moving on their own accord to get together. So who knows what’s going to happen in the future?"

He spoke further about the significance of Home Alone, saying, “This film has become legacy and has affected families now for more than one generation. Parents are showing children, children are showing grandchildren something that I was a part of.

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He went on: "I don't know what life has been like without Home Alone since I just turned 13. I've come to realize that this movie, it's bigger than me. It's bigger than any actor's ego. It has become part of indelible imprints in [the] family — in their consciousness."

It’s been more than half a year since Devin brought up the prospect of a Home Alone reunion, and there hasn’t been any more talk about it actually coming to fruition since then. What we do know for sure is that fans of Home Alone would be incredibly excited to see a reunion special at some point in time. Due to the legal issues that Devin was involved with at the end of 2021, it’s unclear if he would still be part of it.

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