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Turning 30? These "By Age 30" Tweets Will Crack You Up

Kelly Corbett - Author

Aug. 5 2022, Published 1:31 p.m. ET

Thirty is a weird age. And growing up, you may have envisioned where you’d be in life by the time you hit the big three-oh. Maybe you thought you’d be married or have started a family by age 30. Or perhaps you thought you’d own real estate or be farther along in your career.

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The good thing is that there aren't any official benchmarks you have to meet to turn 30. Your strict and nosy family members may have told you otherwise, but they are wrong. The Earth keeps spinning on its axis. Time keeps passing. And yes, you are literally older now than when you started reading this article.

You will hear a lot of advice about where you should and shouldn't be in life by age 30. None of it is factual. Some of it may be helpful, but all of it is based on someone's opinion. Don't feel pressured to hold yourself to someone else's standards.

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That said, Twitter folks have started giving advice about what you should have by age 30. Some users may have based it on their real-life observations. Others may have just exaggerated it a bit.

Now keep scrolling because, by age 30, you should have read this entire article and sent it to all your friends. Haha!

Yes, you should be a millennial with a resusable shopping bag and tote addiction.

And one of these totes is your emotional support tote, obviously!

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You should have experienced back pain and heart break.

Basically, you wake up every morning in agony.

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You should have a monkey pillow, mug, mouse pad, etc.

Send this to your friend who is notorious for hating all their birthday presents.

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You should be a pet parent.

You should also probably have a designated Instagram account for this pet.

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Wait, this one actually checks out! Unless you're Jennifer Garner in the film 13 Going on 30, of course!

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You should be a kid at heart.

Invest while the market is hot!

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You should be a Green Day fan.

You should also be an "American Idiot."

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You should have made some friends at your local park.

And you bring them food regaurly!

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But also...

Manifest having feral friends and no friends at the same time!

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You should restart your computer.

Bonus points if you've been doing this since you were 20!

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