Let’s Discuss the HGTV Commercial That Fans Couldn’t Hate More

The ‘Call Her’ commercial from HGTV’s ‘House in a Hurry’ was a definite miss, and fans can’t stand it. Here’s how the internet is reacting.

Kate Brierley - Author

Jun. 10 2020, Updated 3:36 p.m. ET

It goes without saying that as one of the biggest home networks out there, HGTV does a lot of things right. They have hit after hit TV show, and millions of fans around the world.

But when it comes to promoting their new show House in a Hurry, they left a lot to be desired, according to fans everywhere.

So where did the network go wrong? Their series premiere commercial features a frantic home buyer at the height of raw panic, and the internet can’t stand it. It features Season 1, Episode 1 couple Lauren and Will from Raleigh, N.C.

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In the “Charlotte Scramble” episode, the couple and their realtor have just 72 hours to find a new home in Charlotte. The sudden move comes on the heels of Will being offered a big promotion that he can't refuse. As if this doesn’t put the pressure one, their son will be starting high school, so schools are a big consideration for the move.

So we really can’t blame Lauren for being all riled up, but apparently, people everywhere feel otherwise.

Here’s the infamous “Call Her” commercial clip.

Okay, so at first glance, the couple appears pretty even-keeled and this Instagram post looks exactly like what you’d expect from an HGTV post.

But hold on. Because in the commercial, things get much more intense, and that’s what all the fuss is about. Without further adieu, here’s the bit that everyone loves to hate. 

Reddit threads have been ruthless.

Reddit users were among the first to show great disdain for the commercial, to the point of possible head explosion if replayed one more time. 

And on other forums, fans are boycotting the show altogether.

Could this commenter dislike the commercial any more? Nope. And she refuses to watch the entire series based on that single HGTV promo spot. 

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But Twitter fans are equally as harsh.

Twitter absolutely blew up around #HouseInAHurry, and almost every tweet takes it back to a negative remark about the "call her call her" lady.

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And people are trolling HGTV's Insta hardcore.

Obviously, HGTV is going to promote its new series to its millions of cross-channel followers. But it might have been less obvious that fans would start trolling nearly every promo post with comments about the commercial.

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Even the home buyers are getting it.

In this post, one of the buyers proudly shares the exciting news that her home buying purchase will be featured on HGTV, and in no time flat, someone commented. But not in congratulations. Instead, in "call her call her call her call her."

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We didn't even know people watched commercials anymore, but apparently, we were wrong.

Happily, there are silver linings to this story. The Charlotte-bound family found a home within the extremely condensed timeline and under such tremendous, public pressure.

And House in a Hurry is a big hit so far, so that's a win for HGTV — especially after so much backlash over one commercial.

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