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'Atypical' Fans Demand to See More of Casey and Izzie — When Will Their Wish Come True?


She was a sports geek and... she hated the "Happy Birthday" song. 

Izzie and Casey, two supporting characters to appear in Atypical are hoped to finally get together and start a relationship. Fans have detected a number of hints strongly indicating the two high schoolers are queer, and have expressed relentless hope and a good deal of impatience to see the two form a couple. 

What's going to happen next with Casey and Izzie? Atypical creators, have mercy on us! 

Casey and Izzie have a loaded history on Atypical.

In "Ritual-licious," the two find a quiet room to discuss a lasting feud — Casey's boyfriend, Nate engages in a thoroughly ill-considered course of action, trying to smooch Izzie during a sleepover, which poses a colossal threat to the girls' close friendship — only to make up, tip-toe closer and closer to each other, only for .... Elsa Gardner to walk in on them unexpectedly. Consider the intimate moment ruined, and our hopes and anticipation destroyed.