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Source: Courtesy of Top Ten Real Estate Deals

Here Are Some Next-Level Celebrity Homes for a Little Design Inspo


Everyone wishes they could live large like a celebrity, and now, you can — TopTenRealEstateDeals.com has done us all a massive favor by rounding up some of the top celebrity homes for sale right now. 

If you want to wake up feeling famous every day, these celebrity homes are for sale.

And although you may not be able to shell out for one of these babies at this moment in time, feel free to set aside for future design inspo — it'll be our little secret.

1. Brad and Jen's Former Estate — $44.5 Million

Source: Courtesy of Top Ten Real Estate Deals

The former power couple bought a massive Beverly Hills mansion in 2001 after getting married in Malibu, and added a tennis court and guest house before separating. The house sold in 2006 to a hedge fund executive who is just now putting it back on the market.