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Source: istock

Parents Who Owe Child Support Are Getting Travel Bans in Australia


Australia has come up with a pretty clever way to convince parents who don't want to pay child support. The nation has banned 1,067 parents, who have repeatedly ignored court demands to pay child support, from traveling internationally until they settle their books. 

The Minister for Human Services, Michael Keenan, described the travel bans as part of the government’s crackdown on people not paying child support. 

"Paying child support is not a choice, it is a moral and legal obligation,” Keenan said. 

"Those who shirk their responsibilities are literally depriving their children of a better life and we make no apologies for using these tough measures to make them pay up."

The idea being that anyone who can afford to travel abroad can afford to pay their child support. 

“The government’s message to parents is simple, if you can afford an overseas holiday, then you can afford to support your children. That should be your first priority, not jetting off for a break in a foreign country.”