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Source: istock

Mom Shares Pictures of What Happens to a Child When They Swallow a Battery


A mother shared some scary pictures of what could happen to your child if they swallow a coin-sized battery when you're not looking.

Anyone with babies or toddlers knows the struggle of stopping them from putting every single darn thing into their mouths.

Whether they're picking food off of the floor, chewing on toys, or just licking the grossest of surfaces — yes, I'm talking toilet seats — the struggle of keeping them from killing themselves is real.

And while it is nasty when they start putting their lips and mouths on random windows or bathroom countertops, the scariest is when they pick up tiny, inedible objects and start ramming them down their throats like they've got some kind of death wish.

Seriously, it feels like a constant battle against natural selection when you're chasing your child down to pry something from their fingers or gums. Then they have the gall to cry like you wronged them in some type of way. Unbelievable.