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Source: iStock

Mom Warns Parents About Popcorn After Her Son Had to Have Surgery


Nicole and Jake Goddard, of Parker, Colorado, sit down every weekend with a big bowl of popcorn to watch a family movie with their three children. And while they were watching Mrs. Doubtfire recently, their youngest child, Nash, started to choke. 

"He started making a gagging noise and [Jake] jumped up really fast to grab him," Nicole told KDVR. "He was getting ready to do the Heimlich on him and then he took a breath." 

After that incident, Nash started breathing as normal, and his parents assumed he'd simply swallowed a kernel. 

"He seemed completely fine and continued to watch the movie. The only thing we observed was a cough he developed after the episode," she wrote. 

Nicole and Jake put the cough down to a nasty cold that had made its way through the family. "Monday came and [in the evening] I noticed Nash felt warm and he was super fussy," Nicole said. "He had a fever so I gave him Motrin and put him to bed."