Is Chlorophyll Safe? Dermatologist Dr. Hadley King Weighs in on the TikTok Trends [EXCLUSIVE]

TikTok teens have started drinking chlorophyll water looking for clearer skin and thinner waists, but is it safe? Dr. Hadley King weighs in.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 14 2021, Published 6:33 p.m. ET

The internet is home to plenty of health tricks and hacks to "improve" your appearance — and popular video-sharing app TikTok is no exception to this. The app has touted more than one way to get thin, clear your acne, or alter your appearance to fit the modern beauty standard. While you should always do research before following a TikTok health trend, some of the app's hacks have actually been useful.

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Recently, TikTokers started drinking chlorophyll at least once a day, claiming it can clear your dark spots, help with acne, and make you thinner. But how accurate are these claims, really?

Cosmetic and medical dermatologist Dr. Hadley King took some time to talk with Distractify about chlorophyll, whether it's really safe, and what it can actually do for you.

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Is chlorophyll safe to consume?

Chlorophyll, not to be confused with chloroform (which is toxic and known for making people unconscious), is actually entirely safe to consume. According to Dr. King, it is only the green pigment you find in plants.

"It's essential in photosynthesis, allowing plants to absorb energy from light," she told us exclusively. "And yes, it's safe for human consumption."

You can buy chlorophyll in liquid or tablet form. TikTokers are adding some of the pigment to water and drinking it once a day, looking for improved skin and reduced bloating. If you're someone who isn't fond of their vegetables or is just looking to add more vitamins and antioxidants to their diet, it might be helpful for you.

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What does chlorophyll actually do?

Users on TikTok are claiming chlorophyll can help with a wide variety of things, like reducing bloating, clearing your skin, or helping to reverse some signs of aging. With some of the videos out there showing various users' results, it's hard not to believe that maybe this could be an effective supplement to add to your diet.

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Dr. King says that there hasn't been enough testing on oral chlorophyll consumption to draw entirely accurate conclusions, but there is research to back up what the teens on TikTok are saying.

"There are some trials that have shown that topical chlorophyll can help reduce acne because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties," she said. "But we don't yet have data about oral chlorophyll's effects on acne."

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One study Dr. King cited reported chlorophyll's ability to "improve facial wrinkles and elasticity" in women over 45, suggesting it might help with reducing wrinkles and skin damage. 

"Chlorophyll has antioxidant properties and therefore can help to reduce damage from free radicals," she said. But again, there isn't any conclusive scientific evidence to confirm that it can do everything TikTokers claim it will.

That being said, if you're looking to try something new in your routine, there's no harm in drinking chlorophyll every day. At this time, there is no recommended dosage, so be sure to adhere to guidelines of whatever product you purchase when trying it out.

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