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Choosy Beggar Loses It When Classmate Doesn't Hand Over All Their Class Notes

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Nov. 15 2019, Updated 1:50 p.m. ET

The Choosing Beggars subreddit is chock full of people who believe they're entitled to things they most certainly are not, and it's often totally shocking to witness these people lose it when they realize they're out of luck. Someone recently posted a text exchange between them and a fellow student. Here's the situation from the poster's perspective: "A week before our third exam, girl freaks out when I don't share my notes (for free and voluntarily) in a group chat like I had previously. I haven't taken any this unit."

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The girl completely loses it when she realizes this person doesn't have notes to give her... for a class they're both enrolled in. She refuses to accept the reality that the notes don't exist, and she doesn't seem to understand the fact that she could have and should have taken her own dang notes! This conversation is truly a jaw dropper. 

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She didn't even ask politely to begin with! It wasn't, "Hey, it was amazing when you shared your notes with us last time. Any chance you'd be able to do that again?" It was, "When are you going to send your notes for exam three." The nerve! Who expects free notes from a classmate? Even if I had notes, I'd refuse to share simply based on the way she asked, if I'm being honest. 

She refuses to accept the idea that they don't have notes and even claims "it's not fair" that she doesn't get notes because the classmate already knows all of the material. It defies logic! There is no talking sense into someone who simply won't accept the truth, as you will soon realize. 

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She just assumed that this person was the SI, student leaders who are appointed to provide "supplemental instruction" in notoriously difficult classes. They very generously provided the name of the SI who might be able to help, but she wouldn't accept that. She just assumed OP was the SI and would give her all their notes before the exam, which is an insane leap. 

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Also, notice that she claims she is a freshman year, as if that means she's entitled to the notes. It's important to note this because later on in the conversation, she seems to forget what grade she is actually in. This just keeps getting better and better (and by "better," I mean worse and worse). 

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Literally one message after she claims she is a freshman, she says that it's her second year of college. And when the poster questions this, she shifts back to asking what will be covered on the exam. You would think a college student would have some concept of the expectation to do your own work and be responsible for your own work. But not this gal, apparently!

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This person is being exceedingly patient with someone who is treating them terribly. They are very nicely advising how to take her own notes and how to study, yet the choosy beggar wants OP to go into the class portal for her and tell her what's on the test. 

If she was talking to me this way, this would be the end of the conversation, but this fellow student is concerned this "second year freshan" isn't actively taking part in her own education. This is a level of patience that is very admirable but incomprehensible. However, it is entirely possible that this person kept the conversation going because they knew how crazy it was and how well it would go over on Reddit. 

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Were you also shocked to an insane degree to learn these are both premed students? This girl wants to be a doctor and she won't even study for her own exams. Something tells me she isn't going to last long — or even make it to med school — if she expects other people to do all her work for her. And don't get me started on "I'm going to starve because of you." I think I hurt myself from rolling my eyes so hard. 

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At this point, she's clearly going on the offensive because she has nothing left in her arsenal. She claims that, as a premed freshman, she has already taken the MCAT. She's definitely grasping at straws here. The end is nigh. She's going to have to take this test without the free notes from her classmate that she decided to rely upon instead of taking her own notes and doing her own work. 

The cherry on top of this nonsense sundae truly is the "oh lol autocorrect fail." Did she really think anyone would buy that? I love that the poster sees the humor in this bonkers conversation and kept up with it for their own entertainment. Choosing beggars truly are their own category of delusional. Here's a tip, kids: If you're in school, do your own work. That's how this whole thing works. 

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