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Source: iStock Photo / Reddit

Choosy Beggar Loses It When Classmate Doesn't Hand Over All Their Class Notes


The Choosing Beggars subreddit is chock full of people who believe they're entitled to things they most certainly are not, and it's often totally shocking to witness these people lose it when they realize they're out of luck. Someone recently posted a text exchange between them and a fellow student. Here's the situation from the poster's perspective: "A week before our third exam, girl freaks out when I don't share my notes (for free and voluntarily) in a group chat like I had previously. I haven't taken any this unit."

The girl completely loses it when she realizes this person doesn't have notes to give her... for a class they're both enrolled in. She refuses to accept the reality that the notes don't exist, and she doesn't seem to understand the fact that she could have and should have taken her own dang notes! This conversation is truly a jaw dropper. 

Source: Reddit