Here Are the Reasons Why K-Pop Singer, Chunseo, May Have Left Kaachi

Rumor has it that Chunseo left British K-pop girl group, Kaachi — stay tuned for everything we know regarding the slightly shocking rumor.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

May 7 2020, Updated 2:08 p.m. ET

The emergence of popular K-Pop girl group, Kaachi, has brought a ton of spice to the K-Pop world. After being scouted and brought together at the UK KPOP Dance Competition, the group released their first single, "Your Turn." Eventually, they reportedly released a full track list that went viral, which led fans to accuse them of copying fellow K-Pop giant, BTS.

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Now, fans have come to believe one of the four girls from Kaachi, Chunseo, officially left the group. Nothing is confirmed as of publication, but here's what we know regarding the potential rift among the four British pop kweens.

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Nothing is confirmed yet, but rumor has it Chunseo left Kaachi, which could be because of recent gossip.

Sources say the lead dancer of Kaachi, Chunseo, has reportedly left the band, however, it has not been confirmed if this is true. Chunseo superfan, @chunseoluv, posted to Twitter: "Chunseo has officially left kaachi! Kaachi unfollowed Chunseo... Please look forward to her debut and support her!" 

It has not been confirmed why she may have left, or if this is actually true, but it's possible she parted ways with her bandmates because of recent harsh rumors directed at them as a whole.

In May 2020, the band supposedly released a track list which quickly went viral after fans accused them of copying titles of BTS's hit songs, however, the group has officially confirmed this was fake. Rumor also spread the group had copied BTS's logo, but that, too, has been denied by Kaachi. If Chunseo left Kaachi because of these rumors, we wouldn't be particularly surprised.

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Chunseo apparently received some backlash for having a "Korean name."

Since K-Pop is massively popular throughout the Eastern and Western worlds, singers often have "Western" and "Eastern" names. Mia from Everglow, for example, was actually born as Han Eunji, and Bobby from Ikon was born Han Eunji. However, Chunseo has negative reactions for going by a "Korean" name, Chunseo, while her real name is Ruth.

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In a Reddit thread regarding the matter, Reddit user headgoingtungtung said: "it's cringe worthy and koreabooish. they're not even based in korea," while vickysuzy97 commented, "that moment when people think that korean names are just a mishmash of syllables when they actually have meanings and specific syllables...and then ruth/chunseo basically creates a mishmash name."

If Chunseo did actually decide to leave the group, it could be because she felt left out, or bullied because she prefers to go by a Korean nickname. Hopefully that isn't the case, because Chunseo is undeniably talented and does not deserve any hate, but we're hoping for the best here. 

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As we previously mentioned nothing regarding the above has been confirmed by Kaachi, their label, British label FrontRow Records, or by Chunseo herself, but hopefully she decides to stick it out with the band. Their latest track is seriously fire, and we can't wait to see what they do next. They could seriously be your next K-pop obsession. 

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