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What Happened to Cliff's Leg on 'Big Brother'?


A lot was going on in Wednesday's episode (21) of Big Brother. Kat and Christie were both upset and crying (Kat is on the chopping block and Christie was nominated during Tommy's HOH), Michie got picked as Veto and wants to help out Christie, but Nick *also* was picked for Veto, and he wants to take Christie down. Meanwhile, Cliff got back to the platform with the wrong comp name but still beat Michie anyway. Kat and Cliff battled, but she swiped his rope from him and beat him to the top. Everyone started crying (there is just So. Much. Crying). That's when we learned Cliff's leg is bugging him. What's wrong with Cliff's leg?! One thing is for certain, you do not want any injuries on Big Brother – it will majorly affect how you perform in the competitions...Or will it?

Cliff didn't end up winning the Veto. Cliff told Kat it was fine and not to worry about it, since he really didn't think he could have stuck around much longer because of his leg. "My leg is bothering me. Look, I can barely walk. I couldn't have continued," Cliff said.