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'Clone Wars' Season 7 Is Finally Here – Here's a Handy Guide Before You Binge



When Disney cancelled Clone Wars back in 2013, Star Wars fans' hearts broke around the country. Although Netflix gave us "The Lost Missions", we never really got the ending we always wanted. Until now. The day has finally arrived for Season 7 to drop on Disney Plus. But it's been quite a while since we last saw Anakin and Obi Wan and all the characters we've loved over the years. 

If you need a quick refresher, here are the essential Clone Wars episodes to binge before diving into the first episode of the final season.

"Rookies" Season 1 Episode 5

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If there's any character you need to know from Clone Wars, it's Rex. "Rookies" serves as a brilliant introduction to the beloved character, who played a role throughout other Star Wars properties, like Rebels, and is sure to play a role in the final season.

"Innocents of Ryloth" Season 1 Episode 20

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Although you should honestly watch all three of the "Ryloth" episodes in Season 1, "Innocents" is particularly powerful because, for the first time, the clones truly see the real cost of war. As they bond with a young girl, Numa, they come to understand the people who are left behind in the devastation of the war between the Separatists and the Republic. 

"Voyage of Temptation" Season 2 Episode 13

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"Voyage of Temptation" allows viewers to take a look into Obi Wan's past and to see parts of his story mirrored in Anakin and Padmé's. It also gives viewers a glimpse into Mandalorian politics, which will likely tie into the final season.

"ARC Troopers" Season 3 Episode 2

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Arguably one of the most powerful episodes of the series, "ARC Troopers" sees the Separatists attacking a clone facility, which the Clones consider to be their home. This episode helps humanize the characters more, further proving that they are not simply clones, but individuals, with unique personalities and stories. And they can grieve and feel pain just like anyone else can.

"Ghosts of Mortis" Season 3 Episode 17

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Although you should watch all of the Mortis trilogy, this episode is particularly crucial. For one brief moment, "Ghosts of Mortis" shows Anakin the future all viewers know will come to pass. And for the first time in the timeline, we see Anakin begin his transformation into the Sith Lord we would later know him to be.

"Brothers" Season 4 Episode 21

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You know how you have that friend who watched Solo: A Star Wars Story and said, "How is Darth Maul in this? Didn't he die?" Show them "Brothers" as an explanation. 

"The Gathering" Season 5 Episode 6

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In "The Gathering", we see Ahsoka take on the role of teacher. We see her as a Jedi, who will one day train her own Padawan. Except that she won't because she will leave the ways of the Jedi behind. In this episode, we see her taking younglings on their first steps of a path she would soon leave.

"Shades of Reason" Season 5 Episode 15

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Another episode that will tie into Season 7 in terms of Mandalorian politics, "Shades of Reason" also sees the Darksaber given to Darth Maul. As the villian is set to be the main antagonist in the final season, this will likely play a role.

"The Wrong Jedi" Season 5 Episode 20

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"The Wrong Jedi" sees Ahsoka deciding to take a different course in her life. After being framed for murder, she was expelled from the Jedi Order. But when she was given the chance to return, she walked away. This episode is crucial to the former Padawan's story.

"Sacrifice" Season 6 Episode 13

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"Sacrifice" showed Yoda how to maintain his consciousness as a Jedi after death. But it also showed him a new hope.

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