Who Was Actually in FaZe Banks' Infamous Clout House?

The Clout House was one of the infamous social media influencer collectives springing up across Los Angeles. Who were the members?

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 13 2020, Updated 6:48 p.m. ET

clout house
Source: Instagram

After the infamous rise (and fall) of Jake Paul's influencer collective, Team 10, it seemed there were new "houses" of influencers popping up all over Los Angeles, all rivaling each other for fame. This trend even trickled into the TikTok influencer sphere with the Hype House, Sway House, and Club House all forming with their own band of famous social media influencers.

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For a time, Team 10's biggest rival house was the Clout House, or the Clout Gang. Started by FaZe Banks, the groups went toe-to-toe in many internet feuds, tossing jabs at one another frequently.

But who was actually in the Clout House and what happened to it?

Ricky "FaZe" Banks founded the group.

faze banks
Source: Instagram

FaZe Banks was the frontrunner of the group, calling most of the shots and organizing who was in the group and who wasn't. He's best known for his gaming videos and Twitch streams — oh, and stealing Jake's ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in a very public fight.

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Alissa Violet switched to the Clout House.

alissa violet
Source: Instagram

After her very public split from Jake Paul, Alissa switched teams and started dating FaZe Banks, ditching Team 10 and joining the Clout House. With the group, Alissa released her own diss tracks against her ex, including "It's EveryNight Sis," a direct diss parody of his initial track, "It's Everyday Bro."

We don't know if Alissa has officially made the decision to leave the Clout House, but we're assuming if she did, it happened when she and FaZe broke up in July 2019.

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Bryan Quang Le, aka RiceGum.

RiceGum, who's best known for his vlogs, diss tracks, and many internet feuds, is one of the group's founding members. He and FaZe were good friends before the group's founding, and he was one of the original residents of the infamous Clout House.

While it's unclear what happened with the Clout House, RiceGum is still associated with FaZe and his collectives. 

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Sommer Ray left the Clout House in 2018.

sommer ray
Source: Instagram

Fitness vlogger and Instagram model Sommer Ray was another of the Clout House's original members. She previously dated RiceGum, though their breakup wasn't her reason for leaving the house, which she did in December 2018.

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Carrington Durham

carrington durham
Source: Instagram

Carrington Durham initially joined the Clout House in the hopes of growing her YouTube and Instagram following. Currently, she has over 450,000 subscribers, though she does not seem to associate with the group any longer.

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WolfieRaps also left the Clout House.

Charles Xavier Raynor, or "WolfieRaps," left the group in 2017. He addressed his reasoning for leaving in a vlog, titled "THE REAL REASON WE LEFT CLOUT GANG (I SHOULDN'T SAY THIS..)." In the video, he reveals that while he thought he left on amicable terms, he claimed the FaZe and RiceGum were trash talking him after he left, leading to tensions between him and his former group members.

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The Juarez Twins were kicked out.

juarez twins
Source: Instagram

Juarez twins Dillon and David were the least-known members of the Clout House. With only 42,500 YouTube subscribers, the boys were clearly trying to work their way up in the ranks by joining the collective. However, it seems FaZe kicked them out of the house.

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What happened to the Clout House?

At this time, it looks like the Clout House has dissolved, transitioning to FaZe's newest collective: the FaZe Clan. All of the new group's members can be identified as they have "FaZe" in their channel names.

No one from the group posted an official announcement of the Clout House's disbandment, but many of the original members have since distanced themselves from the group.

Add to that the fact that the Hype House moved into the infamous Clout House, and it seems the group is mostly defunct.

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