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Source: iStock

Cockroaches Are Evolving So Quickly They Might Soon Be 'Impossible' to Kill


Cockroaches are well known for being resilient, and while the myth that they could survive a nuclear blast has little science to back it up, they do breed quickly, lay large numbers of eggs and are harder to kill with chemicals than other household insects. They're also a serious health risk to humans, carrying dozens of types of bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella. 

But our efforts to get the pests out of our kitchen could be backfiring according to a Purdue University study led by Michael Scharf, professor and O.W. Rollins/Orkin Chair in the Department of Entomology. Scharf found evidence to suggest that German cockroaches, the kind that you'll find in your kitchen, are becoming more difficult to eliminate because they are developing cross-resistance to exterminators’ best insecticides.  

Source: iStock