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Source: Twitter @TomTaylorMade

Comic Author Live Tweets His Own Real-Life Horror Movie


You've seen it a thousand times in books and film: A writer rents a remote cabin to get some work done. But soon, strange noises and apparitions penetrate the stillness. Soon, what was meant to be a relaxing and productive retreat in the woods turns into a veritable smörgåsbord of terror.

Tom Taylor is live tweeting his own real-life horror movie and though, as of this writing, he's still alive, it's honestly starting to feel increasingly likely this will go the way all "quiet cabin in the woods" stories seem to go.

Since he's a published writer, the Australian comic author is aware of how well-trodden this territory is in the horror genre. "I somehow managed to book a creepy log cabin to do some intensive writing for a few days..." he begins. "I’ve been laughing to myself about just how cliched-horror-movie this cabin is. But at 5:30 a.m., out of nowhere, despite it blowing a gale out there for hours, wind chimes start chiming for the first time from the porch..."